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What’s New At The Winery

Casa Dell Arte, we wanted to create something that doesn’t exist anywhere else. A place that people can explore their inner artist. Not just a paint and sip. We will offer some fun painting projects, we are also going to offer crafts, karaoke, retreats, yoga, free coloring, workshops, dance lessons, and our space can be rented for dinners, parties, conferences, etc.

We want to offer fun experiences with fellow wine loves. A place that is beautiful, magical escape from the everyday. We are pretty excited that we are going to make that happen. We will have a Grand Opening on March 4, 2016 at 5 PM. It will be a coloring retreat. We are all going to sit down, introduce ourselves, and color a page.

We will be planning more events as we get our instructors on board, and decide what “the people” want to do. We also are going to be offering a special Saturday class for children, so parents can relax and enjoy a tasting while the children are doing something fun.

So much of life is about the enriching experiences that we have, and having art and craft classes when you meet some new people is a great way to invest your time. This isn’t about making you into an artist, this is about recapturing that fun we used to have in art class. The bonus is taking home something that has a great story behind it. We hope that you will all check out our calendar, and book something. It will be fantastic!