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Nun Playing A Violin

Although this is a print, it is an antique print. The original was a painting from the Italian Renaissance. The painter and subject are unknown. The face of the nun appears very young. Which is not a surprise, since families often sent a daughter to the convent. Often, the families just couldn’t afford a dowery for more than one girl, and sometimes they couldn’t afford one. A young woman would go to the convent ready to serve the church. Gardening, cleaning, praying, helping the poor. Mother Superior was in charge of the fate of the young lady.

This print reminds me of an educated lady, grieving for her family. Maybe it is an evening of a full moon where the light hits the courtyard just right, and the echo of her violin playing brings tears to the eyes of the other young ladies that have come to the convent. Young ladies that miss their families, and their old way of life.

Of course, there were young ladies that came to the convent and had a better life after they were surrounded by other young ladies. There would have been young ladies that would be able to eat good food once they were in the convent. I was once told that city poor was much different than country poor. If you were poor and lived in the city it was a little tougher to obtain fresh food. If you were poor in the country one could glean from neighboring farmers, there were eggs from chickens, and one could grow some of their own food.

Looking at old images really makes me grateful to live here and now. I am so thankful, and appreciate our ancestors, each and everyone of them. The lives they had were not easy! The choices they had to make were so different, and so far removed from the world we live in today.

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Finally Done

San Marcos Creek Villa is done, and here are the results of all our hard work…

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Reale Leone

The campus of  our winery had a bed and breakfast that was on the property that was never finished. The architecture matched all the other existing buildings on the grounds of the winey. We loved it, it really only needed painting, flooring, decorating, and furnishing.

We recently got everything all done, and it is all ready for guests. It has four suits, and 2 lobbies. Pretty soon we will host guests. Reale Leone


Reale Leone logo PROOF2

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Re organizing

We have been winery owners for three months now. We have invested heavily into this piece of paradise. We added grass to the lawn area, so people can picnic on our grounds. We have added seeds in between each row to conserve on soil erosion, and to add nutrients back to the soil.

We added bocce ball court and a pavilion for people to enjoy watching their friends play some bocce ball. We have renovated the inn, which we have named Reale Leone Suites, which means Royal Lion. We are off the 101, which is named the Camino Real, Royal highway in Spanish.

Now, we are about to embark on yet another upgrade. Finishing off the small event center. A place for people to rent for evening events, and have special events hosted there. We are going to have art, craft, and other activities that will engage people that stay here or are visiting our beautiful area. I will keep you posted as we make progress in this area too.

We have many big plans for our beautiful campus. In the spring and summer we are going to have Friday night movies, with pizza. We will even have costume themed movie nights. Winners will get a free bottle of wine.

Everyday, is an adventure, and moving forward is not always easy. There are days that seem to lag on, and nothing gets accomplished. That is really more of a state of mind than anything else, because we are making huge strides in reorganizing and adding new possibilities to the winery.

Here is a nice autumn photo of the grounds…IMG_7122

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Reale Leone

I am happy to tell all of you that we are now 99.9%. The only thing we have  pending is the pressure pumps. After the pressure pumps are working we can open for business. It looks magnificent! We have worked very hard to think of every detail going into this project. What would people like? What would they expect?

Reale Leone will be able to be rented by the suite or rent out the whole place. It has fireplaces in each suite, and one in the main lobby. We have coffeemakers, fridge, and microwave in each unit. As well as a full size fridge in the lobby. Just in case people need more space that people can’t get in their room.

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Dennis Bredow

Honestly, I have many favorite artists. I love art! When we were thinking about having a grand opening for the winery we wanted something that reflected us as the new owners of San Marcos Creek, and our family room is full of work from Dennis Bredow, so why not commission him to do another piece for us that will represent what we want to portray to people in the tasting room.

So, I sent him some our labels, and he infused the art piece with some of our wine. Which I thought was brilliant! san_marcos

The bundle of grapes is blazed into the wood surface, and the wine stains are real wine stains. Even though the winery was established much earlier, we wanted to stamp it with the year that we purchased the winery.

We are very happy with the results, and are proud to announce that we will have prints available for those that wish to have a print.

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Family is Family

IMG_7880One of the couples at the winery were engaged. He decided to pop the question on the campus of the winery. They are a fun couple, so the poses that they shared were fun! We took the two of them all around the campus, because the two of them will be wedded on our campus. So, we are very happy for them, and super excited! IMG_7883 IMG_7865 He made a wonderful speech in front of her family, and asked her to marry him. My eyes well up with tears. It was so beautiful to share it with her family at her favorite winey. IMG_7863 IMG_7868 IMG_7867The look on her face when she saw the ring, oh, the joy! EngagementHere are all the attendants of the proposal! They are now all a part of the San Marcos Creek Family.

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Future Facebook Status

In the book 642 things to write about…another challenge is to write 5 Future Facbook Status Updates.


Sergio graduates from High School, and is going to Cal Poly to study Nuclear Physics and Engineering. He will be spending his summer in Italy.

We have 5000 wine club members, and our wine has won several gold and platinum medals. We have gone off the grid, utilizing solar panels and helix wind turbines. Goat cheese is selling well, and so are all the eggs.

All of our businesses are making money! We may be able to start our foundation “Sisters of the Sun” by next year.

Our museum has 2 employees, and we were gifted a sculpture from a renowned artist. People are loving our installations, and being a part of the museum.

At the end of the year we start construction on our dream house, and having a pool will be great. We are going to utilize sustainable practices and variety just as we have on Terreni D’ Oro Estate Farm, Winery, and now our Terreni D Oro Ranch.