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Collections and Obsessions…birds

IMG_0216 Roosters are given to couples for good luck in fertility. It is a very old custom, and at one time a phallic symbol was given instead of a rooster. This particular rooster is from Murano, Italy.

IMG_0219I have two cranes that overlook the dining room.

IMG_0220 There are three of these little birds that are from France. I purchased them at an antique store, and since they were so fragile I had to hold them in my lap the entire flight.

IMG_0221 Swarovski crystal humming bird

IMG_0222 Birds on a branch.  IMG_0224 He is from Murano.IMG_0226 Blue jay with an acorn. IMG_0227 Parrots from Murano.IMG_0228Twin birds on perches…from Murano.

IMG_0229 Swarovski birds on a branch.

IMG_0230Kingfisher bird, from Murano.

IMG_0232  Birds on celery, Murano.

IMG_0234Capodimonte birds on a branch.

IMG_0236The little bluebird in the background is known as a happiness bird, and the foreground is a brown bird. The blue bird is a Tay, the artist is from Italy.

IMG_0237More Swarovski birds.

IMG_0238Kingfisher birds, from Swarovski

IMG_0239The chicken is from Murano, Italy,. The red bird is from a glass company in West Virginia, and the little blue bird is from Russia.

The featured birds are Boehm hummingbirds.