Fountain of Youth, Happiness Project


Since I was a little girl I have loved trying experiments, and seeing how things work. I was the kid that broke open the etch a sketch, and countless other toys. Unlike my husband, I could not put the toys back together. I did do a pretty decent job with cutting the lining out of my jewelry box to find out how the ballerina went in circles to the music.

I convinced my brother that stretch armstrong had to have surgery. When I started to experiment on my siblings toys they were not as forgiving. We did get to see the substance in stretch arm strong. However, he did not recover from the surgery.

One of my experiments was extremely stinky. I was the kid that hated to hunt Easter eggs. I did not understand the waste involved in the effort. Why do we color the eggs and hide them in the grass that has been utilized by animals as a giant litter box? No one wants to eat them. My rational was…why can’t we recycle them? The Native Americans used dead fish to nourish plants, why not use Easter eggs? Since my father and I put together a garden every year I buried all the Easter eggs in the back yard. When it came time to till the soil the whole back yard reeked! Oh, it was so bad! My dad asked “What is that smell?” Since I did not want to get into trouble I said “I don’t know.” We continued to work, and the smell was only getting worse. My dad uncover the cache of eggs. “What is this!” I had to confess…I told what I was wanting to do, but he made me clean up the mess. So, if you are ever thinking it would be a great idea…it is not.

I do have some experiments going on right now. Since we have red wigglier (compost worms). I wanted to find out the speed in which they work. I set up one bin with worms and regular house hold compost, one with used pine shavings from the chickens and ducks, one with no worms on top of a cardboard box, and one in a pile.

The worms in the regular house hold compost are doing the best. I am going to have to introduce the worms into the upper level of compost. The compost pile that was in the cardboard box has kept it’s moisture for four weeks. The one without the cardboard box on the ground has stated to break down into dust.

The worms do a beautiful job since they also are introducing their excrement into the mix, and it is black and rich. So, what is the moral to my story…it is always good to experiment. We never stop learning, especially if you are willing to try it. Just a warning, don’t experiment with the toys of others.