Collections and Obsessions, Museum Monday

Linda Apple

Art, is a passion of mine. Visiting museums is something I love doing for hours, and watching the people decipher, admire, and speculate about the art at museums can be just as fascinating. 

When I saw the series Linda was working on, I had to have some. The first one here, was one that was commissioned. I wanted her to create a woman reading in a museum with a Tiffany bag. I was excited by what she had created for my collection.

How many times have we been to museums, and the security guard is slipping into the fabric of the museum? This security guard is among the masterpieces. 


This another commissioned piece. A man with light brown hair, carrying a Mac bag. He went shopping at Apple before heading to the museum. Another one that pleased me. 

The last one, portraying cultures clashing was another that intrigued me immediately. Seeing a culture other than your own in a painting…is permission to stare, and permission to try to understand their history. If you are interested in owning some works of art by Linda click on her name. 




One of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own is a pin/pendant from Tiffany’s. It is an antique piece 18K gold with loads of diamonds. It is heavy, and oh so beautiful. I have researched it, and haven’t been able to find if it was made for a specific person or not. I even took it to Tiffany’s for them to research. They shipped it to New York where they had it photographed. The had it for a couple of weeks, and I was starting to miss it. I asked that they send it back to me. They obliged, and sent it back the next day. Tiffany’s said told me that it was one of their rarer collections. Many of the experts had not seen anything like it before in person. I feel pretty lucky to own it.