Color Scheme

One of my favorite aspects of owning property is the renovation. When someone moves out, I like to make the rental look new and fresh for the new family that will live there. After I view the layout of the place I select colors that I believe people will enjoy. Gone are the days of “navajo white” for everything. People that are renting want something fresh and new. I try to put myself into the place of a perspective tenant. A modern, clean, and updated place is something desirable. I want tenants to be happy, and enjoy their space. Here is my latest updated space…

Contessa Grigia Condo
Contessa Grigia Condo                                     The gray going up the staircase may look like two different colors, but this is one color. It is just the lighting coming in the window that gives it the variation. 


One of the many things I do with my time is renovate apartments. We own some property, and it is my job to manage the property. Some parts of my job I hate, and there are other aspects of it I enjoy. I like the renovation, and meeting the new tenants.

Here are some photos of my most recent renovation.

IMG_0004This is the kitchen. Everything is new in the kitchen, and I added granite countertops and lights. I like the process of making something new and fresh. I still need to add some flowers, and I will also keep a folder of applications, as well as a clip board for the potential applicants to utilize.

I have been a tenant in the past so I can empathize with tenants. I like meeting each person, and I have usually had great experience with finding new tenants. I have been doing this for 20 years so I go with my gut on which applicant to accept. I am pretty proud of this unit, so I am looking forward to meeting the right tenant for the unit.