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First Guests

We had our first guests at Reale Leone last weekend. Our fellow winery employees were on vacation. My husband and I manned the winery alone, even with guests coming into the “Crush Pad” and Reale Leone. We wanted everything to be perfect for them. They were our first guests to stay there since we got it finished.

It had been a long week. In between fixing tech problems we also were trying to make sure we had everything in place at Reale Leone. Everything was clean, enough toilet paper, towels, etc. We triple checked everything. Finally we put the welcome letter and the wine and wine glasses in the room, it was ready to go.

We met the two couples that were going to stay, but not before we met several other couples that wanted to see Reale Leone for themselves. Maybe with a couple more rounds, I would remember anything else that needed to be in the rooms.

Here are some final photos of how the place looked to our first guests…

Wine Wednesday

Our Progress

Here is why I haven’t had time to blog at 3am. Winery Our new towels.IMG_7761Yummy lemon honey.  IMG_7745 The green suite. IMG_7742The blue suite.  IMG_7751  The grigio suite. IMG_7724New coasters to offer in the tasting room. IMG_7755Furniture for “Reale Leone”.  IMG_7726 Cookies from Italy. IMG_7757 The fountain, and the bocce court. IMG_7758 Paso is for wine. IMG_7738 Another place to retreat.  IMG_7720Our mural with more yummy items for sale.