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Bee’s, glorious bee’s

Just the other day I finally got my bees. I had been communicating with Jeremy Rose the Owner of California bee company for months before he came to our farm.

He and I talked on the phoned, as well as emailed each other before his visit. He was so nice, and shared his love and knowledge of bees so readily. At 7am he came up the road in his little white truck.

I grabbed my veil (ordered from the web), and we took off to the spot I felt would be a great one. It couldn’t have too much wind, and had morning sun. Just the day before I added a couple of pallets, this way the boxes would be off the ground.

As Jeremy worked, he shared information about the frames, boxes, bees, queen, drones. It was like having a private class with a professor. Then, I got stung on the hand. I could have worn my gloves, but I wanted the full experience. The little bee, I will never forget. She wiggled her stinger into my hand. I mean she was really shaking her butt to get that stinger lodged deep into my hand. I pulled it out, and she was still holding on to the sleeve of my Oxford sweatshirt. She defended her beloved queen with her heart. Jeremy got stung on the wrist. He told me “when you are stung, you need to smoke it”. This will mask the pheromones that the bees give off when they sting.

All three hives were set up, and Jeremy left. I went back to their spot in the evening to check on them. I went back to the spot on foot, and with no veil. I just wanted to see how they were adjusting. One bee, out off the thousands, gently pushed me away. This is no lie…one bee, just kept bumping me in the head. It never stung me, it just bounced off my hair several times.

I had some ugly swelling in my hand. Here is a photo of my first sting as a beekeeper.