Fountain of Youth, Galleria, Museum Monday

Bill Rhea

I have so many favorite paintings, but this one has a special place in my heart. The sky looks like it is a perfect day, yet the shadow of the building allows a cool escape from the heat of Sienna in the summer. The smell of history almost hits the viewer immediately. The fiat in the foreground screams modern world. The shutters to keep out the sun, and allow the residents shade inside their home. The wrought iron street signs, the sound of the sign gently swaying back and forth when there is a strong breeze. The echo of the cars going through the tunnel to exit the historical town. Electricity, wraps around the medieval buildings, and almost blends.

The clash of the two in such a beautiful location allows introspection of those that were here before us. The dedication to build all the buildings without modern machinery. The buildings that fell, yet the determination to find a method that was going to keep them upright and useful.

How often did the builders stop and start? So many people have been in this exact same spot…What has happened? Love, death, children eating ice cream, goats going to the country, Roman solders marching back and fourth the Rome. Something about Italy, is so fulfilling to me. The sights, smells, the people.

Every time I look at the painting, I am almost lost in another world. Do you own art that transports you?Bill Rhea