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642 Things, #1

This is yet another one of the books I picked up at Barnes and Noble. No, Barnes and Noble is paying me anything for writing that I love their store. It is one of those places that our whole family loves to visit. Really, I don’t just visit. I don’t believe there has ever been a time that I went into the store, and came out empty handed. I am digressing…

#1 question…What can happen in one second? 

Well, as I sat at Starbucks and opened the book, my husband texted me. “Honey, you will never guess what happened.” What? I texted to him, He then told me the story, first, I will have to give you a little background. We purchased 20 Ginny Hens. We raised them in the chicken coop. We gave them water twice a day, and gave them food, and even gave them dried grub worms. Once they were old enough, I let them out of their house. They started following around the only large Ginny Hen we had left from our first attempt at raising Ginny Hens. Once it started to get dark we went out to lock up the Ginny Hens. All the other chickens (95) were already in their respective homes. The Ginny Hens walk around in a group, so we were trying to gently herd them into the house. We got some of them into the house, but five would not go into the house. 

I was trying to get one back up the hill, and just as it was walking back to the house an owl swoops down and snatches the Ginny Hen right in front of me. I could feel the air from the wings of the owl. I yelled to the rest of the family “Uhhh, We just lost a Ginny, an owl just picked it up and took it to the tree.” The other four were together, but it was 11 by then, and we never saw where they took off to that evening.

The next day, we decided to wait until we could move the chicken coop a little closer to all of the other chicken coops. We have a little neighborhood we call “Rockridge” (our old neighborhood in Oakland, CA). So, we moved the chicken coop, and my husband built a little fence around the chicken coop. He even added slats at the bottom of coop. We let them out again, and they flew over the fence that was just built. Boo! I felt so bad for my husband since he worked so hard on the darn thing. 

The same evening the kids had a dance to attend. I took them to the dance, and my husband was in charge of all the animals. He went out to check the chickens, locked everyone in their coops. Just as he was getting close to the Ginny house he saw something strange in the little fence. It was an owl ripping one of the Ginny Hens. He was trying to gather them all into the house, and all the sudden the owl ripped the face off another Ginny. He pulled the Ginny to safety, and put it in the house. It flew out of the house before he could shut the door. Now, we had eleven more escape. 

So, my answer to #1….An owl can do a lot of damage in one second. 

Fountain of Youth, Happiness Project

One Year

I have been a country lady for a year now. How does it stack up to living in the city? Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t change a thing. It has been hurried at times and crazy. I just love going outside when it is quiet, and being thankful for the life I have. In this year we have purchased lots of property. We are now owners of 500 acres. We live on our forty acre plot of land that we have named Terreni D Oro Estate Farm, since the big ranch is Terreni D’ Oro we had to branch off the name. The farm has grown we have 5 chicken coops, a pond with 12 ducks, and 2 geese. We also have three worm bins of red wigglers. Three bee hives, and about 75 trees in our orchard. We have some trees that have not been added to the orchard as of yet. We want those to get a little stronger before they go in the field.

Diversity in agriculture is what we are striving for at Terreni D Oro Estate Farm. Soon, we are going to grow a crop of chamomile, and we will also have plant one of the fields in Lavender. We want to add goats and sheep to the mix. First, we have to find the right breed for our farm. Farm harmony is very important to us. This is why we have the bees, and the worms. We want to make sure that our farming practices are more like the farmers of days past.

I am in awe of Cicero, Thomas Jefferson, and early monk farmers. Being a diversity instead of a mono farmer we are allowing more beneficial insects, wildlife, and humans to prosper. The bee’s must have food throughout the year for their happiness. As we continue to learn more about how the old ways of farming were more beneficial to the environment we also learn that there are many crops that fit different areas better than others.

Being a farmer is something I enjoy, but it is hard work. Farming takes a lot of money to get off the ground. We are taking baby steps, and work other jobs to make ends meet. From the early morning hours, until sundown we are busy. The weekends, we play even more catch-up. Going through the orchard to make sure the trees are doing well, and se what trees have fruit. It will be a while before we have honey, but we will more than likely add more hives.

This time last year we left our house in the city for a life on the farm.




The New Chapter

The new chapter of our life has pages being added by the day. This week, I have been really busy with the property. We have had the record breaking cold here in our area. So, heaters have been checked, water checked, and then I also have a remodel underway as well.

In addition we have three birthdays, and Christmas to take care of too. This week we have furniture that is being delivered, so we have to organized more rooms. Which in turn means that I have more rooms that look like home, instead of boxes still waiting to find a place to call home.

Today we went to the gun show, yes guns. I love Barretta’s! I like to look for the antique ones, or the Ducks Unlimited shotgun. I like to target practice. We have a little range for practice.

We loaded up our chicken coop from Cal-Ag, in the back of our pick up truck. We unloaded it with the fork life. So, in the spring I will have some “subjects”. LOL! We are going to have a little chicken community and name our little community “Rockridge”, the area where we lived in the Bay Area.