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Today, it has been a week now that we are owners of a winery. San Marcos Creek Vineyard . We have some new members, and have had friends come and visit too. We already have work being done on the bocce ball court, and some new plants put in the yard.

By next week, I will show you all the new court. This week we will be starting on the bed and breakfast. Painting the rooms will be the first stage, and then flooring, and then furnishings. We will add “Reale Leone Suites” to Air B & B. My niece is working on the artwork, so I am anticipating our royal lion to look fantastic.

Last week, I also took a cases of wine to some choice restaurants. I will be doing that again this week too. I hope to hear that at least one will choose our wine to pair with their food.

Here is a peek at the “Reale Leone Suites”…

Reale Leone