Happiness Project, Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

The Duck… Buttercup

One evening when we came home really late the geese were honking loudly as we pulled to a stop. We rushed out of the car to see what all the commotion was about, alas all we saw was the ducks quacking loudly in their pond. They were swimming around in circles like they were upset. We went around to each of the chicken coops to lock up the chickens, and the ducks and geese finally starting waddling over to their house. The geese are the last ones in each night, and this night was no different. We closed their door, but they were still quacking and honking. Usually, as soon as everybody is in their house, all is quiet.

The next day we noticed there were only 11 ducks. Buttercup was the one that was missing. We searched all of the 40 acres. We looked in each stall, and even in the dry creek, but there was no sign of her. We are not sure what got her, but there are plenty of wild animals out here to be the culprits. There are coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, and feral cats.

Here is Buttercup, missing from our farm and our hearts…Buttercup


Happy Ducks

Along with our multitude of chickens. I think we are up to 50+ now, and we have some on order. We also have 12 ducks. We had to limit ourselves to the 12 since we have not finished the pond. We have a surogant pond, that is a galvanized steel tub. We also refer to it as our hillbilly pond.

The last couple of times that it has started to look strange I have filled a three gallon bucket, bucket by bucket to water other plants. It is a very time consuming and labor intensive job to say the least. One of the times my mom helped me. When she came to visit from Indianapolis. She was exhausted the next day.

This last time I cleaned out the “hillbilly pond” the ducks would not go back in the water. In fact the next day they were so mad that they wouldn’t even come out of their house. I was a little fearful they would pass away from the heat. I took they some lettuce, and some water so maybe they would come back out of their house. Finally, they came out of their house. Now, since I had to clean twice I am anxiously awaiting to see the ducks happy again….like this…