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Pismo Beach

Honestly, the name is even adorable. I think I fell in love with Pismo Beach when I heard of it on an “I Love Lucy” episode. When I stayed home from school I could watch old reruns of shows that were from another era. “I Love Lucy” was one of my “go to” shows.

For every birthday I have there are certain things that I like to do. One thing is going to the beach and watch the waves roll in on the beach. This year the waves were so strong that the piers were closed. The wind was really strong too. Looking at the beach was nearly impossible at sometimes, since it felt like little razors were slicing the cornea of my eyes. Yikes!


I also like to go to a church and pray. When I lived out east I used to leave a pair of gloves on the pew. Now, I just leave some money on the pew. A reward for myself twice..once for going into the church to have some quite time to reflect, and the money I always hope goes to someone that needs it.

Go out to eat somewhere I usually don’t go. This year, my daughter and I went to Madonna Inn. We had a little lunch there, and sat at the bar area. We met three older gentlemen that were in California on vacation. I like a little adventure, it makes life more wonderful.

San Luis Sunday

Beach Time

My last outing was at Pismo Beach. I love having some therapeutic time at the beach. Just sitting there on the beach watching the waves roll in, and listening to the hypnotic sound of the waves sneak in, and some roll in slow.


Watching the lady bugs creep along the sand, and warm up enough to fly away. Some of them were landing on my pants, crawl and then fly away with their tiny shell. I believe even today there are a few lady bugs flying in the house, must have brought them home from the beach.

Give yourself some time to just relax for a few!

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Just About The Views

Under the pierUnder the Pier in Pismo Beach.

kinda cute                                         IMG_6797 This bird was wanting my turkey sandwich.              IMG_6869 A surfer in the high surf, some waves were reaching 15′. IMG_4943 The farm as a storm approaches from the coast. IMG_4952

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Cool Cat Cafe, Pismo Beach CA

Going to the beach can be exhausting business. I love going to the beach, and taking the kids to the beach just to feel the sand between the toes. There are swings on the beach too, so having a moment on the swings as we watch the waves crash on the beach is a dream come true for us.

After spending some time walking on the beach, and then on the boardwalk we decided to get a bite to eat. There are all kinds of eateries around the boardwalk. I would recommend the Cool Cat Cafe. Cool Cat CafeIt looks like a 50’s diner. The names of the sandwiches are all from the fiftys too. Except the three huge televisions that were playing sports while we were there. I had a Tuna melt, and the kids had hamburgers. The french fries were very good! There are even t-shirts to buy. I believe there are a few other locations. I believe there is one in Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, and Maui. Here is a link to check out Cool Cat Cafe.

One must is the t-shirt shop. If you are a little chilly after the wind blowing or the sun is going to go down soon, you will want a little something to keep you warm. There are lots of bargains to be had at the shop. The gentlemen usually will make a deal with anyone checking out, so make sure you ask for a deal.


Pismo Beach

When relatives come to visit from out of town. I have a couple of rules. You are no longer a “guest” after three days. After the third day you are expected to help do some things. We have a farm, feed the chickens, ducks, water the plants, and the animals. I have many emails from tenants to answer, or text messages. If that is taking up lots of time, do some dishes, empty the dishwasher, dust, run the vacuum cleaner. I don’t care, just do something other than sit there wanting me to entertain you. The quicker the chores are done, and business is taken care of the quicker we can have some fun.

My mom was recently visiting, and she was a great help. I loved it that I did not have to keep telling her what she could do next. One of our many outings was Pismo Beach. It was a beautiful day. It is just too bad that I only had my iPhone with me instead of my Canon. Don’t get me wrong, I love the camera on my iPhone, but the Canon is my favorite.

Anyway, the waves were perfect, we found some shells on the beach, and even one perfect sand dollar. I found lots of broken ones, even gray ones. I took lots of photographs, and even got into the freeeeezing cold water. If you have ever dipped your big toe in the Pacific Ocean, you know what I mean.

It was a beautiful day that ended with us going to the Boardwalk to go shopping for t-shirts and sweatshirts for everyone.



IMG_3783 IMG_3803



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Pismo Beach With My Teenage Daughter

Recently, my daughter and I spent the day at Pismo Beach. It happens to be one of our local beaches. It is a beautiful beach. We went to Subway for our sandwiches, and then off to the beach that is only a couple of blocks away from Subway. We stayed on the ramp, and watched the people, talked and ate our sandwiches. We watched the surfers by the pier as they would ride their waves into the beach. We watched the a couple of brothers being rough with their sister, and we watched a family push a lady in a wheelchair back to the sidewalk. It took the whole family to push her wheelchair through the sand. What a blessing it is to live in this area, witness so many people having fun, no matter what kind of life they are living.

We threw our trash in the receptacle, and used our Subway bag to put our shoes inside so they wouldn’t get sandy. We walked over to the waves and took some shoots for Instagram. Played in the waves a little longer, and then decided to go to the shops.

Once we were at the shops we met Ben. He was funny, and gave us great deals on the sweatshirts that we purchased. My daughter finally gave in, and found the Ray Ban’s that she loved. She used her own money to purchase them. We had so much fun reading all the sweatshirts, and t-shirts. While we were heading home, I asked her “Will you promise we can have days like this even when you get older?’ She said “I love spending time with you! I always have a great time with you.” Ahhhh! Here are some snapshots of our day…

Pismo 2/Contessa
Pismo 2/Contessa