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Winery News

Well, I am coming up on my second payroll. I can’t believe it will be a month in just a few days. I did one restaurant to buy our wine, but I have a list of other places that I have taken wine, now I am following up on those places. Really, the wine is fabulous, so it is just a matter of them trying it, and buying it.

I’ve also been busy working on advertising. My first advertisements went out just Sunday. We are also going to be in a vacation booklet, and we joined the Chamber of Commerce for Paso Robles. It was exciting to work with the advertisers to place our ad into the bulletin where we attended church. We are going to be on a “landing page” for the vacation booklet, and we will be attending events at the Chamber of Commerce.

We have already been active in philanthropy as well. We have given to the Mission Prep Boosters Club,   Piedmont Boosters Club, and Boy’s and Girl’s Towns of Italy. I have a meeting this week with Must Charities. We want to be able to help, and do what we can for charities that make a difference.

I believe by the end of next week, we will be able to open our bed and breakfast. My niece Shelby Gray, has been working on the logo for Reale Leone. IMG_3890 Just in time for Harvest Weekend…Well, I gotta go to work.

Fountain of Youth, Happiness Project

One Year

I have been a country lady for a year now. How does it stack up to living in the city? Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t change a thing. It has been hurried at times and crazy. I just love going outside when it is quiet, and being thankful for the life I have. In this year we have purchased lots of property. We are now owners of 500 acres. We live on our forty acre plot of land that we have named Terreni D Oro Estate Farm, since the big ranch is Terreni D’ Oro we had to branch off the name. The farm has grown we have 5 chicken coops, a pond with 12 ducks, and 2 geese. We also have three worm bins of red wigglers. Three bee hives, and about 75 trees in our orchard. We have some trees that have not been added to the orchard as of yet. We want those to get a little stronger before they go in the field.

Diversity in agriculture is what we are striving for at Terreni D Oro Estate Farm. Soon, we are going to grow a crop of chamomile, and we will also have plant one of the fields in Lavender. We want to add goats and sheep to the mix. First, we have to find the right breed for our farm. Farm harmony is very important to us. This is why we have the bees, and the worms. We want to make sure that our farming practices are more like the farmers of days past.

I am in awe of Cicero, Thomas Jefferson, and early monk farmers. Being a diversity instead of a mono farmer we are allowing more beneficial insects, wildlife, and humans to prosper. The bee’s must have food throughout the year for their happiness. As we continue to learn more about how the old ways of farming were more beneficial to the environment we also learn that there are many crops that fit different areas better than others.

Being a farmer is something I enjoy, but it is hard work. Farming takes a lot of money to get off the ground. We are taking baby steps, and work other jobs to make ends meet. From the early morning hours, until sundown we are busy. The weekends, we play even more catch-up. Going through the orchard to make sure the trees are doing well, and se what trees have fruit. It will be a while before we have honey, but we will more than likely add more hives.

This time last year we left our house in the city for a life on the farm.




Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit, it is Latin for “time flies”. This weekend I spent 7 hours driving. My daughter and I drove back to the SF Bay Area. We lived in the Oakland Hills, a neighborhood named “Rockridge”. One side of the street the sign displays Rockridge, and the other side Rock Ridge.  We loved our area, and the home that took so long to reconstruct. We went back by our house to see how much things had changed. It was comforting to see the house still looked exactly the way we left it.

It was so emotional to see the children that my daughter had known since she was a preschooler. The girls looked so beautiful and all grown-up. The boys looked so handsome too. I can’t believe that one year had already passed, and all these amazing children had become young adults. When we left last year they still had cherubic faces, and now they looked so mature.

I just could not hold it together yesterday. I kept thinking of my friend in San Luis Obispo that told me that her son is going to be a Senior this year. She said “I just looked at him, and ask him if I truly made every moment with him wonderful.”  These children are going to go places, and be magnificent contributors to our society. They spent time giving back to their community. The Sundays we all spent at Mass were spent not just worshipping, but we built a family. Going back to Corpus Chrisit Church felt like a family reunion. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of belonging to this beautiful family. It was organic, and not forced.

As my daughter slept on the way back home I thought about all the times we took picnic baskets to the homes of friends that were sick, pregnant, or recovering. All the times parents and I sat on the bench and watched our children play together. Kids that came to our house for playdates. Talking on the phone to other mom’s as I prepared lunches, dinners.

Time does fly by so quickly, and our Priest, Father Leo told me when my daughter was just a baby…”You are not going to believe how quickly this time goes by, so enjoy every experience, and embrace it.” Believe me, I have cherished the time I spent with all my SF Bay area friends. I don’t want to lose contact with them. I think my next trip will have to be a little longer, so it doesn’t seem like I am crying the whole time.