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John Lathrop (10th Great Grandfather)

10th Great Grandfather

John Lathrop was born on December 20, 1584, in Etton, England, the only child of Thomas and Mary Salte.

He was Christened Eton, Yorks, England.

Rev. John Lothrop evidently entered first Christ Church College, Oxford, for according to Foster’s “Alumini Oxonienses” John Lowthroppe of Yorkshire, aged 16 years, was admitted a pleb of Christ Church, Oxford, October 15, 1602. Thence he went to Cambridge, where according to Vennn’s “Alumni Cantabrigienses” John Loothrop, Lathrop, or Lothropp, who was baptized at Etton, Yorkshire, December 20, 1584, son of Thomas of Etton, was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s College in 1606 and to that of Master of Arts in 1609.
Is 1624 Removed to London, England & was pastor of a Congregational Church conducting Separatist services surreptiously; April 29, 1632 arrested with 43 members of the church and imprisoned for 2 yrs. May 3, 1632. At a conventile at the house of one Barnett, a brewer’s clerk dwelling in Blackfriars, the minister was one John Latropp, and among those present were Pennina Howse (Hannah House?) and Sarah Barbon. His first wife died while he was in prison.
He and some others were released on condition of leaving the country.  Came to Scituate, Mass, aboard Griffin, arriving September 18, 1634, and soon after organized a church at Scituate. “So many of us as had been in covenant before” united January 8, 1634/5 and others were added shortly. He was admitted from Plymouth Colony February 7, 1636/7. Two years later he, with the principal part of the church removed to found the church and town of Barnstable. His record of the two congregations was copied in 1769 by Reverend Ezra Stiles; the original having since been lost, this copy has been printed by the Historical Genealogical Society in Registers IX and X. Mr. Lothrop was a man of deep piety, great zeal and large ability and undoubtedly the inspiration for the emigration of a large contingent from the Weald of Kent who settled in Scituate.
His will dated August 10, probably Dec. 8, 1653, bequeathed to wife; to eldest son Thomas, to son John who is in England, son Benjamin, daughters Jane and Barbara, to each of the rest of his children, both his and his wife’s. An ancestor of FDR, U. S. Grant and George Bush

Children of JOHN LATHROP and HANNAH HOUSE are:
7. i. THOMAS7 LATHROP, b. Abt. 1612, Eastwell, Kent, England; d. Bet. 1706 – 1707, Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.
8. ii. JANE LATHROP, b. Abt. 1614; d. Aft. 1658, Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.
 iii. ANNE LATHROP, Baptised: May 12, 1616, Egerton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England; d. April 30, 1617, Egerton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.
 iv. JOHN LATHROP, Baptised: February 22, 1616/17, Egerton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England; d. July 19, 1638, Egerton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England; m. (1) HANNAH FULLER; m. (2) MARY HEILY/COLE, January 18, 1637/38, All Saints, Wandsworth, Surrey, England.
 v. BARBARA LATHROP, Baptised: October 31, 1619, Egerton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England; d. July 19, 1638, Egerton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England; m. JOHN EMERSON, July 19, 1638, Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts – by Miles Standish.
9. vi. JUDGE SAMUEL LATHROP, b. Bet. 1622 – 1623, London, Middlesex, England; d. February 28, 1699/00, Norwich, New London Co., Connecticut.
10. vii. JOSEPH LATHROP, b. Abt. 1624, Lambeth, London, England; d. October 09, 1700, Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.
 viii. BENJAMIN LATHROP, b. April 11, 1624, Baptised: December 24, 1626, Eastwell, Kent, England; d. July 03, 1691, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; m. MARTHA GOODWIFE.

 ix. BARNABAS7 LATHROP110,111, baptized June 06, 1636112,112,112,113; d. October 26, 1715, Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts; m. SUSANNA CLARK116,117, November 03, 1658; b. 1641, Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts120,120,120,121; d. September 28, 1697. He was an assisstant at Plymouth, and one of the first counsellors of Massachusetts after its union with Plymouth under the charter of William and Mary 1692.
x. ABIGAIL LOTHROP96,97, baptized November 2, 1639; m. JAMES CLARK102,103, October 07, 1657104,105; b. 1636, Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts106,106,106,107.  She died before 1664. He m. (2) widow ALICE NICHOLS 1664. Abigail and James had; Andrew, b. 1639 m. Mehitable Scottow; James b. 1636 (?) m. 1657 Abigail Lathrop; Sussana, m. Barnabus Lathrop.
xi.  BATHSHUA LATHROP, baptized February 27, 1641; died January 8, 1722/3 in Dorchester, MA.
xii. JOHN LATHROP, b. February 9, 1644, Barnstable, MA; d. September 1727 Barnstable, MA, at 83 years of age. He married MARY COBB in Plymouth, MA, January 3, 1671/2.