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Eating our Garbage

When my children were younger I wanted to share the cycle of life with them in a real way. I wanted them to be able to see, feel, experience how the circle of life really works. I purchased some worms, (red wigglers), and purchase a box that would allow earthworms to procreate, as well as eat all the garbage that we generated. We would put our shredded papers in the box, coffee grounds, and the filter, apple cores, banana peels, and various other food in our worm box. We had our worm box outside. I have read that some people keep their box in the home. NO! 

When my son was 18 months old, he would take all the daily refuse for the worms to the box. The box did not smell bad, since they eat the bacteria that generates the odor from the food. What does smell is the poo from the worms. Every couple of months we would have to clean out the box, and that wasn’t a fun job. We would separate what was the “black gold” from the garbage, and save the worms. We would then have another generation of worms, and we add the black gold into our garden. We grew some of the biggest pumkins on the block, and then when we were done with Halloween, the worms had their favorite food. Honestly, after having these creatures in our life all these years, I can tell you with confidence that they love mellons, pumkins, etc. 

To this day we still have a worm farm, and we still feed our worms. Some of them are from the same parents we started with more than 18 years ago. 

This is the newest edition, it has layers, after a few months, we take it apart and sort out the gold, and start all ove with new food. This system ensures nothing goes to waste. We dont like waste doing nothing, we want to make the most of it. 

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Bee’s, glorious bee’s

Just the other day I finally got my bees. I had been communicating with Jeremy Rose the Owner of California bee company for months before he came to our farm.

He and I talked on the phoned, as well as emailed each other before his visit. He was so nice, and shared his love and knowledge of bees so readily. At 7am he came up the road in his little white truck.

I grabbed my veil (ordered from the web), and we took off to the spot I felt would be a great one. It couldn’t have too much wind, and had morning sun. Just the day before I added a couple of pallets, this way the boxes would be off the ground.

As Jeremy worked, he shared information about the frames, boxes, bees, queen, drones. It was like having a private class with a professor. Then, I got stung on the hand. I could have worn my gloves, but I wanted the full experience. The little bee, I will never forget. She wiggled her stinger into my hand. I mean she was really shaking her butt to get that stinger lodged deep into my hand. I pulled it out, and she was still holding on to the sleeve of my Oxford sweatshirt. She defended her beloved queen with her heart. Jeremy got stung on the wrist. He told me “when you are stung, you need to smoke it”. This will mask the pheromones that the bees give off when they sting.

All three hives were set up, and Jeremy left. I went back to their spot in the evening to check on them. I went back to the spot on foot, and with no veil. I just wanted to see how they were adjusting. One bee, out off the thousands, gently pushed me away. This is no lie…one bee, just kept bumping me in the head. It never stung me, it just bounced off my hair several times.

I had some ugly swelling in my hand. Here is a photo of my first sting as a beekeeper.



Estate Farm

We are at 40 chickens, and six ducks. We have olive, apple, pears, plums, peaches, and more that we are growing. We will be a farm that people can visit, and take rides on our trains. We will also have a museum that people can visit. Paths are going in and around the ranch so our visitors can walk around to destinations. The chickens are growing like crazy. Their little coops are all ready for them to be happy and start laying eggs.

I have our order in for our bees, and I have one bee box in the garage. Got my bee veil, and gloves. I am super excited about everything that is growing. I want to make sure we have lots of flowers throughout the year for the bees. I will get to meet them late March or April.  Terreni D’ Oro Estate Farm is here…

Ducks and chicks
Ducks and chicks
San Luis Obispo Sites

Avila Valley Barn

There are so many sites to visit in San Luis Obispo County. Avila Valley Barn is a destination that the whole family can enjoy. We have visited a few times, and every time we have gone there have been serval families there. The store carries all kinds of items that you would expect to find at a road side stand. Avila Valley Barn goes a step or two furtherer. There are animals; Llama, chickens, horses, cows, and a few cats. IMG_3104



There are many different sweets, like cakes, cookies, and the like. Nuts, berries, and the various concoctions one can make from the nuts and berries. There is even a section that has knick knacks and kitchen items that can be utilized in your own kitchen.

The fragrance that hangs in the air varies with the season. Late autumn smells like apples, the winter smells like pine trees, since they sell Christmas trees, and the spring and summer flowers are in bloom.

If you are looking to visit with out having to touch elbows with other people go during the week, and if it is a holiday or holiday weekend you will have to wait in lines to buy some of them items.