Museum Monday

Pompeo Massani

This is one of my favorite older paintings. One of my favorite subjects is reading, and writing. I have many paintings of men and women reading and writing. This one looks like a Nono anyone would love. He is sitting at his desk with his ledger in from of him. He has a map behind him, and a calendar. Could he be a travel coordinator? His index finger is stained with ink, and he wears a thick gold band on his pinkie finger. The wrinkles on his face are like a map of where he has been, and the life he has lived. His blue eyes are shadowed by his caterpillar like eyebrows. The bend of his glasses tell us he has had those speckles for a very long time. The black and the white in the center of the painting keep the eye moving, and picking out more details. The red in the foreground keeps you eye from wandering down below the painting. Massani, has pulled off an exquisite piece.         P Massani