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Eating our Garbage

When my children were younger I wanted to share the cycle of life with them in a real way. I wanted them to be able to see, feel, experience how the circle of life really works. I purchased some worms, (red wigglers), and purchase a box that would allow earthworms to procreate, as well as eat all the garbage that we generated. We would put our shredded papers in the box, coffee grounds, and the filter, apple cores, banana peels, and various other food in our worm box. We had our worm box outside. I have read that some people keep their box in the home. NO! 

When my son was 18 months old, he would take all the daily refuse for the worms to the box. The box did not smell bad, since they eat the bacteria that generates the odor from the food. What does smell is the poo from the worms. Every couple of months we would have to clean out the box, and that wasn’t a fun job. We would separate what was the “black gold” from the garbage, and save the worms. We would then have another generation of worms, and we add the black gold into our garden. We grew some of the biggest pumkins on the block, and then when we were done with Halloween, the worms had their favorite food. Honestly, after having these creatures in our life all these years, I can tell you with confidence that they love mellons, pumkins, etc. 

To this day we still have a worm farm, and we still feed our worms. Some of them are from the same parents we started with more than 18 years ago. 

This is the newest edition, it has layers, after a few months, we take it apart and sort out the gold, and start all ove with new food. This system ensures nothing goes to waste. We dont like waste doing nothing, we want to make the most of it. 

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Fishes Too

There have been a couple of times that we have tried to keep fish here at the farm. When we first got our ducks, I wanted fish so bad that my daughter and I went shopping for some fish.

We went to several stores looking for the right fish. Finally, we thought we may found the perfect fishes. We purchased all the accouterments that go along with buying fish, and we hoped in our hearts that they would all be happy in their new home.

The ducks ate all the fish in a few days after the purchase. UGH! Alright, lesson learned the fish were like yummy succulent appetizers for the ducks. They were proudly telling everyone on the farm about what they had as they were quacking merrily about the pond. It was a little embarrassing.

Last year, we thought we would try again. The goats needed some fish to help keep their drinking water clean by eating the mosquitos. Apparently, we did not have enough mosquitos, because by the fall they were dead. They did last longer than the other fish. I will have to keep trying. Even the mission has fishes in their fountain. IMG_7163

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2 Years of Farming

It is hard to believe two years ago we starting buying baby chicks. We were all city people, only spending some time during summer in the country. My husband spent some of his summers in Italy, and I spent some summers as a camp counselor and lifeguard.

When we decided we really wanted to move to the country we wanted to really go BIG. We researched what kind of animals we would want to raise, and at first we had a pretty long list of animals.

Thank Heavens, we didn’t adopt all the animals that we did research. We wanted to raise chicks since I am a little frightened of flying birds. Honestly, it freaks me out when birds are flying too close to me. We also thought about getting Llama’s for the guard animals for the goats, but we went with miniature donkeys.

Here are some photos of the baby chicks…

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Chicken Town

We purchased five chicken houses, since we wanted to make sure the chickens would have enough room to roost at night. We kept them in their houses for 4 days (with clean water and food), and then we release them. This is done to ensure they would know where their house was, and they would come back to roost every night. The hens would also lay eggs in their boxes.

Now, we are thinking of white washing the inside of the houses in the spring, and paint he outside red.  We are also going to finish building the fence around the perimeter of the houses. As much as we love them going all over the place, if we have a garden they will not be kind to the garden. Once it is fall we can allow them to go through the garden and scratch.

I imagine since they have had so much freedom it is going to difficult for them to adjust to a few acres. It will also decrease the chances of foxes and coyotes snatching some when they feel like having a free meal from our farm. IMG_0386

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Barbie is hen that lives on the bar b que. She sleeps on the stainless steel range every night, instead of hunkering down in one of the chicken coops. She prefers a special spot of her own. She is the first one to start out in the morning, roaming all over the farm. She is the last one we see every night, and the first one we see in the morning.