Fountain of Youth, Happiness Project, Workout Wednesday

Make it a Habit

Ten days, and counting. I made it ten out of 21 days. Everyday, I have to do something, and eat well. I have to write the food items down in a book. I have been really good. I haven’t rewarded myself with cookies. (Yep, I have done it before.) So, I have allowed myself an apple or some pine nuts instead of chips or cookies. I gotta be honest, cookies are good to me. Although, I have to say that an apple is a nice replacement. 

Working out…I have been doing MWF, as aquatic days, and Tuesday and Thursday are dry days. I get on the elliptical for 30 minutes, and then hit the weights. On Saturday and Sunday, I am working on the farm. I take an extra walk with the dogs, and they enjoy it. 

I am determined to make it though my 21 days. I want my good health to be one of my good habits. Any extra advice or tips are appreciated!