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Luncheons with the Girls in Paso Robles

Paso Robles has a great restaurant scene. I have only lived here on the central coast for two years, but I have gone to many luncheons with friends. Some of my favorites are the ones that are around the park right in downtown Paso Robles. Since there are so many great restaurants in the area around the park. I only going to tell you a few of them for now.

On the corner of 12th street, right across the street from the park is Artisan, I have met friends there several times. The decor is homey,  unique, a little eclectic, yet chic. The blending of the components that make up the restaurant are perfect. The food is delicious. The salads are fantastic. I wasn’t surprised to learn that the owners have their own farm. They tend to their farm when they are not working at the restaurant. Every bite, is an experience that is worth slowing down to enjoy. The unique flavor the soil and minerals give to the food has a distinctive sweetness.

The bright orange sign that reads Estrella. The ambiance has a old world flavor. The decor is welcoming, and almost feels like the home of a friend. If you eat inside you capture more of a homey feeling, and if you eat outdoors, you will get the a little feel for the town mixing about, while being served the food and drinks of your choice. There are no bad choices, the Spanish flavor is infused in each dish and exudes warmth. When I go with friends, we ask the waitress to recommend a wine with our food. We haven’t been disappointed!

This is one of those restaurants that need to be “found”. When my friends told me we would be meeting at Second Press, I had no idea it was across from the park. I really had to “seek” it out before going. So, as you are reading this, you will not have to work to find it. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. I loved the lemon water, the food the modern decor. It has very clean hard lines, the food is delicious, and it sourced from the area. Being a fanatic about fish, that is the dish I usually go to at Second Press.

Berry Hill Bistro, is one of my go to places. Oh, how I love the tuna fish melt. There are very few restaurants that make it the way I love it, but Berry Hill Bistro makes it exactly the way I like it. Just the right amount of everything. It has an old world marries California vibe. Berry Hill Bistro is a great place to meet a couple of friends for lunch or dinner. The group can have a conversation without difficulty.