Photography, Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

Kids Meeting Each Other

Just yesterday, we combined our moms Cutie and Starbright in one stall. The kids Aladdin, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Simba are sharing the stall with their moms. The boys can’t be mixed with the girls just yet since the moms may go after the doelings. We will wait another couple of weeks so they can all play together. Captain Jack Sparrow and Simba will be sold, and Aladdin will stay with us since he was our first born farm animal on Terreni D Oro.

We did allow the girls (Tinkerbell and Wendy) to meet Aladdin, so here is a photo to show you…WendyTinkerbell on my leg

Saturday Special

Baby Kids Everywhere…

Since three doe’s of our herd were about to give birth, I have barely had a moment to myself. Cutie, is our smallest in size of our Nubian goats, and we guessed that she would be the last one to give birth. Every night I was out feeling their rump, seeing if I could squeeze my thumb and index finger together. Since this is one of the signs that she would go into labor soon. On Good Friday, Cutie delivered a baby buckling. We named him Aladdin. He could not stand for about 36 hours, so we had to milk Cutie, and feed him with a bottle. Cutie and Aladdin

We purchased an Avent bottle, and then cut an x on the top of the bottle, so it would flow a little easier. Every time we would feed him, we would keep a record of how much he ate, and when we fed him. Each time we also began the session by trying to get him to take the teat himself. The last thing we wanted to do was give him powered milk, but we had some on had, just in case.

On the 8th, just as Aladdin was walking (backwards only) our goat Pinkie had twin girls. We named the girls Tinkerbell and Wendy. Tinker bell is black and white, and Wendy is mostly black with a white spot on the top of her head. Pinkie, Wendy, and Tinkerbell

On the 11th, the female Smtarbright had two males, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Simba. Smtarbright would not feed them, she would not clean them. We were back to feeding the babies, and we had to squirt the two of them with a little of her milk. Finally, by day three she was cleaning her kids.

Captain Jack Sparrow, and Simba

Here we are near the end of the month. Captain Jack, still needs a little help in the morning getting on his mom. I feed them, and that allows her to relax to allow Captain Jack to get milk in the morning.

642 Things to Write About, Happiness Project, Therapy Thursday

Future Facebook Status

In the book 642 things to write about…another challenge is to write 5 Future Facbook Status Updates.


Sergio graduates from High School, and is going to Cal Poly to study Nuclear Physics and Engineering. He will be spending his summer in Italy.

We have 5000 wine club members, and our wine has won several gold and platinum medals. We have gone off the grid, utilizing solar panels and helix wind turbines. Goat cheese is selling well, and so are all the eggs.

All of our businesses are making money! We may be able to start our foundation “Sisters of the Sun” by next year.

Our museum has 2 employees, and we were gifted a sculpture from a renowned artist. People are loving our installations, and being a part of the museum.

At the end of the year we start construction on our dream house, and having a pool will be great. We are going to utilize sustainable practices and variety just as we have on Terreni D’ Oro Estate Farm, Winery, and now our Terreni D Oro Ranch.


Summer Begins

Summer is much different than the rest of the year. When my children were young they went through every kind of camp available. Karate, Fencing, Cooking, Shop, Swimming, Ballet, Science, Arts and Crafts, Boating, Discovery…ugh. You name it my kids have done it. I wanted to give them a rich tapestry of excitement, and allow them to find what it is they loved to do on their own terms. I did not want to be the parent that made them play any sport they did not want to play. When they were really young I would go through all the schedules of camps I could find, and name off the classes they offered. I would allow each child to pick three of four camps, depending on how much time we were going to be in the area.

There would great camps, and classes the kids loved. There were ones that I would hope they would love, but did not. I made them go back every day even if they hated it the second day. I mean really, how can you hate camp the first day?

Now, my children are older. Since we have a farm they have to work around the farm before they can go have fun doing what they wish to do. I look back upon fond memories of the days of exploring something new. They were just as exciting for me, as they were for the kids. I had already experienced camp as a young person, and counselor. Now, I got to see it for the first time through the eyes of my own children. Oh, how I treasure the story telling time. Right after I would pick them up from camp they would have so many stories to tell me about their day. I loved that so much!!