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Jeanne Illenye (Exuberance)

When I was younger, I dreamed of being like the Medici family. Buying spectacular art, and helping the artists that I purchased from in any way I could. Having a blog has allowed me to do what I have dreamed of doing.

I have commissioned many paintings from Jeanne, but the one that is the most special is the one here. It has the mixture of everything I love about a still life, little insects, that are representative of life continuing and renewing itself. Little drops of water for the iridescent and fragility of life and the dependency of those little droplets for every living thing.


There are books in the painting, as a reminder how important learning is at any age. Severs porcelain vase that are rare and amazing. Lemons and fruits that are from California. The peonies are reminders of my home state, Indiana. Where we always had Peonies growing in our yard. We would spend hours watching the ants work on the peonies, like they knew the flowers would not be open for very long. One month, which may arguably be the most important month in Indianapolis, May, race month.  Jeanne Illenye got everything I ask for in the painting. Now, it hangs in my dining room as a reminder of beauty and fleeting moments.

If you are interested in the work of Jeanne Illenye, here is her website.

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Collections and Obsessions….Tea Pots

Since I was a little girl, I loved tea pots, and tea sets. My daughter even had several different sets. I love tea, a hot cup of tea makes the most of the moments in a day. Here are my tea pots…

This one is an antique  “Sadler” from England.

It has a different shape, with flowers cascading down the sides. The shape indicates its use as a coffee pot. Made in England, but no manufactures mark.

  Another one with a slender look, it is Herend . It is technically a coffee pot too. The Herend brand is from Hungary.
Another Herend pot, but this one is a tea pot. The detailing is superb! Every pot is hand painted.


Herend again, this one has a fruit focus instead of a floral focus. 

Sterling silver set that includes tea pot, coffee pot, sugar bowl, and creamer. This set is made in Germany.

My last Herend tea pot, with another cabbage roses with tulips, bees, and lady bugs.

A Lenox tea pot that has been used more than all the others. A butterfly sits atop the tea pot. 
My absolute favorite. This set is just like the one used in the movie “Everafter” with Drew Berrymoore. This set is from Holland.
What is your obsession or collection?


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A. Pestiglioni

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s portraying cardinals, monks and other clergy were very popular. Having one or more in your collection rounded out the collection that was in the home.

This is a genre I enjoy so much. Allowing people see a private moment of the clergy. Although, I have not found any information on the artist Pestiglioni. There is the possibility that I am not seeing the name correctly.

I have stated my fascination for watercolors before, and I will again, and again. It is a tough medium. There are so many details in the painting, and it takes such a steady hand to accomplish this feat. The three gentlemen are drinking, and one of them (the monk) is having a hard time hearing. The cardinal is reading a story that is enthraliing to the other men, as they listen attentively. A tapestry is on the table, and we see one on the wall. The rug on the floor is beautiful and rich in color. We can even see the time on the clock is about 10:11. Cardinal