Busy, Busy, Busy!

Last week we took a trip to Santa Barbara, where we went to test drive a Panamera, Porsche. My husband has been dreaming of this car for some time. He has deserved to have his dream car, so we ordered a new car. It will be in Santa Barbara sometime in March.

This car will be his Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day, and St. Patrick’s Day gift. Maybe for a couple of years. He is pretty excited, and the color with the interior is just plain HOT!

We also went to visit Cambria, Ca., just to look around at the scenery. We need to find an Italian Deli here on the Central Coast before Christmas. Christmas time we celebrate Italian style. We have not found the right deli, and hope we don’t have to drive to the Bay Area for our feast.

Since we have only passed Harmony, Ca., we decided to stop there too. The population of the small town is 18. Yep! That is what I said…18. Harmony, is the smallest town in San Luis Obispo county. ย Here is a photo of the little post office.


I did not buy a new car for myself, I am starting my own small business. I will keep you posted. The logo is being made, and the website is being developed. It is another new chapter in my life.