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Anne Mortimer 19th Great Grandmother

Mortimer  My 19th Great Grandmother, she was also known as the “Countess of Cambridge”. Born on December 27th 1388 in New Forest, West, Meath, Ireland. She was born on one of her families estates. She was part of the powerful aristocratic Welsh Marches, centered around the Wigmore Castle. The surname is of Nordic origin, and roughly translates to “Stagnant Lake”


Anne is also a descendant of King Edward III, through her paternal grandparents. Anne was yet another girl that wanted to do her will. Just as her mother married the man she wished, so did Anne. She married Richard of Conisburg, second son of Edmund of Langley. The marriage took place without the consent of their parents and was finally validated by the pope on May 23rd 1408.

The two of them had a daughter and a son. Isabel of York, and Richard the third of York. Anne died soon after the death of her son Richard. She is buried at Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, which was once the site of Kings Langley Palace.