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Injuries on the Farm


Within a few weeks we had three injuries. Our miniature donkey, Ellie, got horned by one of the goats. A horn went through her temple. We called out Dr. Steve, and when he came out the first time, I could not catch Ellie. She ran all over the pasture. I even took carrots out to her, but she was too smart. Dr. Steve has given her shots before, so getting near her with him at the farm was a no go.

Dr. Steve finally told me…Kimberly, I have another appointment. I’ll swing back by around three. I finally caught her, and put her in one of the stables. He came back, gave her a shot, and cleaned, and added a paste to her wound.

The next week Salem escaped the stall where he and his brother live. He gashed his chin open, so Sabrina had to take him to the vet. Dr. Steve only takes care of “horns and hooves”, so she drove Salem to the vet to get stitches. He had to wear a cone for a week.

The very next day, Gucci went to doggie day spa. They discovered a growth on her hind leg. I picked her up from the spa that even and took her to the emergency vet hospital. She was in a cone for three days. One of the days she acted as “winery dog” for the day.

Everyone is on the mend, and doing much better!

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Nun Playing A Violin

Although this is a print, it is an antique print. The original was a painting from the Italian Renaissance. The painter and subject are unknown. The face of the nun appears very young. Which is not a surprise, since families often sent a daughter to the convent. Often, the families just couldn’t afford a dowery for more than one girl, and sometimes they couldn’t afford one. A young woman would go to the convent ready to serve the church. Gardening, cleaning, praying, helping the poor. Mother Superior was in charge of the fate of the young lady.

This print reminds me of an educated lady, grieving for her family. Maybe it is an evening of a full moon where the light hits the courtyard just right, and the echo of her violin playing brings tears to the eyes of the other young ladies that have come to the convent. Young ladies that miss their families, and their old way of life.

Of course, there were young ladies that came to the convent and had a better life after they were surrounded by other young ladies. There would have been young ladies that would be able to eat good food once they were in the convent. I was once told that city poor was much different than country poor. If you were poor and lived in the city it was a little tougher to obtain fresh food. If you were poor in the country one could glean from neighboring farmers, there were eggs from chickens, and one could grow some of their own food.

Looking at old images really makes me grateful to live here and now. I am so thankful, and appreciate our ancestors, each and everyone of them. The lives they had were not easy! The choices they had to make were so different, and so far removed from the world we live in today.

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When Life Gives You Sh*t…

When life gives you sh*t, you make compost. Farm life isn’t always about the cute animals, they have a lot of crap. We compost all our garbage, and even the poo. Nothing, really goes to waste. LOL!

Not only do we compost, but we also have a vermicompost. What is vermicompost? So, we have been utilizing this system since our eldest child was 18months old. We wanted our children to understand the cycle of life, as well as start them young with finding an alternative to the landfill. This is such a great way to incorporate your shredded paper, coffee grounds, apple cores, banana peels, etc. I don’t mix the two systems. The animal waste products and the vermicompost.

The bigger pile has to be rotated, and it takes about a year to use in the garden. So, it may not be pretty, but it is a part of farm life. Sustainable practices like our grandparents and great grandparents used as they farmed. Caring for the land, and not striping the land. Every living thing is important, including the worms.



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New Goat on the Farm


Meet Rocco, he is our new goat. He is in the stall with Charlie Daniels. We brought Charlie up from the pasture since Rocco was crying so much. Goats are herd animals and like to be with others, so we had to get him a little friend to share his stall with for a couple of nights. Once we take the two of them down to meet all the girls, he will have a friend.

Next, we have to move all the girlfriends of Willie Nelson over to the other pasture. Then, once the girls are pregnant they can go up to the stalls. By that time, we should also have a calf. We will keep you all posted on how it’s going on the farm.


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Only The Strong Survive

We started off with more than 100 chickens, and we are down to two. Dovie and her daughter are our two remaining chickens. Dovie, named because she kinda reminded us of a dove. The daughter of Dovie is only only surviving chicken that was born here on the farm.

What happened to our chickens? Well, going to football games, parties, winery events has had it’s toll on the chickens. We would come home, and 30 chickens would be gone. We wanted our chickens to be “Free Range”, well, they were free range, but so are coyotes and foxes. The foxes are so beautiful, I sometimes just want to give them a chicken, especially a rooster. LOL!



Dovie, and her daughter like to hang out with the cow (Luna), and the goats. They come around in the morning for their scratch food, and then wander around the farm. So, we will not get any new chickens, until we have put up fences to keep the chickens in one location, and keep the coyotes and foxes out of the chicken coop area. Another lesson learned from the farm. Fences are a good thing.

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Gift Shop

IMG_7947The week I got back from South Carolina I was really busy. We had so many items arrive for the gift shop, prom weekend, and snickdoddle was leaving the farm. Plus, I am finishing a couple of renovation projects. So, not much time left in the day to write.

Here are some of the cool items we now carry at the gift shop of the winery. I was even testing how everything would fit into a basket. Alle-Pia salami, if you haven’t had this salami, it’s out of this world delicious. It also has not nitrates. I have probably met the pigs that became this salami.

The bread sticks are the ones that we offer in the tasting room for people that are tasting wine. They have a savory rosemary essence that just marries the wine so well. I added a Swell bottle since having water is always helpful.


Our beautiful baskets we offer…


The one on the far left, is hand painted, the platinum and rose gold are part of the metallic collection, purple is in the middle, blue marble in the front with the kelly green.


Some of our newest coasters…


Olive utensils, aprons and magnets too.


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This is the time of year we separate the moms and babies. It’s tough to listen to them cry. The momma goats cry so much for the babies that they almost go horse from the constant crying, and I really just want to go down to the  pasture and allow them all to go back with their moms.


This photo is of Jasmine (the bottle baby), and her mom Misty. Since Misty can no longer have babies we are going to have her become the nanny goat for all the other babies. All the other babies are ready to be away from their moms, but it is tough for all the animals to leave their mom. It is tough on the momma goats too. Sabrina and I try to remain strong while listening to them cry. It’s one of those aspects of farming that doesn’t get any easier.

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Spring Break

Last week, was spring break for the kids. Anytime that I get to spend time with family is most rewarding. Even doing the smallest of things. I just love spending time with them. We talk, laugh, and I sing annoying songs I make up on the fly opera style. They will then reply “Do you have to make up songs about everything?” I do! They they laugh, and that makes my singing more bearable. LOL

We had lots of driving classes this past week, and discussed narrowing down the field of Universities the kids want to attend. My son has his really narrowed down, and a real plan of action. My daughter has three schools on her list for now. I am pretty certain she wants to do something in the medical field, but not sure she has it narrowed down yet. She will be looking for an internship so she can ascertain if she would rather work on people or animals.

Right now, I am working on a research project that has me OCDing late into the wee hours. So, if I am not back in a few days, you will know…I’m on the net, but doing some research for one of our projects.

So, here are some photos from the farm I took while we were in Spring Break mode…



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Hannah and Anastasia

Hannah is our miniature donkey, and Anastasia is one of the newest kids. Hannah is recovering, and Anastasia is sitting by her comforting her. All the other little kids were playing and Anastasia was sitting near Hannah. I love our farm!