Office Designing

My office is almost done. I found the perfect pieces to go into my office. I have the chandelier already hung, and the desk is waiting to go into the office. I have to call the antique dealer in the morning to get my last piece to finish off the look I want. Once the other pieces are in, I can then find the perfect round table to utilize as our conference spot. 

I enjoy buying antiques since they are parts of history being rescued, and they find a new life. My new piece of furniture…Image


Few Furniture Favorties

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces of furniture.

IMG_3268This is our antique credenza. We keep our Bohemian Crystal, Murano Glasses, and other crystal drinking stemware. What is on top? The tea pots are Herend, The Cockatoo, and other yellow chested bird are Murano. The double birds are also Murano. The Jay bird is a Tay, and the Owl is an Armani. The hummingbird on the flower is a Bohem.

IMG_3269Top piece of another dining room piece of furniture. The birds, and urns are Capodimonte pieces, There is a violin player that is from Murano, The porcelain dancers are from Franc, and the crystal ones are Swarovski. The largest one in the center is another Capodimonte. There are two Murano rosters on each side. Roosters are usually given to the Bride and Groom for good luck in fertility and prosperity.


Bathroom Furniture

Antiquing is a passion. I love old things, shiny things, things that reflect and refract light. When shopping for antiques, there needs to be a feeling about the piece. Usually, when I see it I just know, but there have been things I have purchased, and they just did not fit.

Once, I purchased this beautiful library table when I lived in Indianapolis. I saved my money week by week. Visited the piece, and just looked at it. Finally, I got to bring it home. The gentlemen that worked at the antique store brought it the long flight of stairs. It looked great. Then, I had to go and buy a file cabinet, it didn’t fit under the table. I sawed off the feet with a knife. Yep!

When my husband and I went house hunting several years ago we loved a piece of furniture, and have been wanting a piece like it since the first time we saw it. When we purchased this house we had the perfect place to add the furniture. Now, we had to find it.

A couple of weeks ago I was hell bent to find the piece. I went to an antique store, and ask them for a secretary side by side, they had one. They had just bumped the price down on it the day before I came into the shop. I purchased it, and we went to get pick it up a week later.

Here is what it looks like in my bathroom…IMG_2990