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Anna Custer

My fourth great grandmother on my fathers side of the family. She was born on March 1, 1780, in New Jersey. So far, I haven’t been able to find her parents.

Was she an orphan after the revolutionary war?

A couple of months after her birth the skies of Eastern Sea Board were blackened, and people of the time were not sure why. It turned out to be a fire in Canada, and the wind drifted to the south. Many people were convinced that the world was ending, even George Washington wrote about it in his diary.

By the time Anna was three our nation was signing the “Treaty of Paris”. the United States and Great Britain were in peace talks.

In May 1802 she marries Joseph Howard Gray, in Rockbridge, Virginia. During the next 24 years she has 15 children with him. She would help her husband found a town “Graysville”.

On Jan. 3rd, 1850 Anna passed away, she was 69 years old. 047e7425-ad92-41e9-8b66-3c7280e2c4ab