Galleria, Museum Monday

Maryanne Jacobsen

Life is about helping our fellow human beings help themselves. Artists are some of my favorite, they are not asking for a handout, but a hand up the ladder of success. Since I have been busy doing other things, I haven’t had time to blog about my favorite artists. Maryanne is very talented, and when I saw this beautiful piece it was calling my name. Her lightly flamed red hair, Her glance at the spectator as they are enjoying watching her as she collects flowers in her basket. Her pale skin against the range of colors in her garden. The few curls on her neck, the sheen of her silk dress in the sun, all exquisite details that draw in the viewer.

Is this an extracurricular activity for this beautiful woman? We caught her in the middle of doing something, and she looks beautiful doing it.

cutting flowers

If you are interested in Maryanne Jacobsen, please click here. She also exhibits at Gallery 444 in San Francisco.