Happiness Project, Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

Coyote Coughs Out a Silkie

Just the other day, I was getting ready to go out on a date with my husband. I was upstairs unrolling my hair when I heard the African Geese honking outside my window. I look out the window, and see a coyote running after all the chickens. All I could do is yell over and over…Coyote, Coyote, Coyote. I run to the staircase telling everyone downstairs. “There is a Coyote outside chasing the chickens.”

I ran back over to the window to see what was happening, and the coyote had a black chicken in his mouth. I saw my husband going out on the farm with a rifle. He shot the coyote, must have been at least in the leg…Our black silkie came limping back home. We put him in the nursery where he has been in the chicken house alone. He is still limping a little bit.

Here is a photo of our saved baby…Pimp