Kids and Social Media

Both my children have a phone. Both my husband and I have the passwords for each of their phones. At any time we want we can ask for the phone and see whatever we want on their phone. As long as we pay the bill the phone is our phone. They have been told not to give out personal information, and only give your phone number to people you really KNOW.

Before my children turned 13 they were asking to join Facebook, but I told them no. We talked as a family about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They know that there are grownups that can’t handle social media, and there are mean people that like to lash out for no good reason. Some people just like to put down other people for the attention, and to create drama.

Neither of my children choose to be a part of Facebook. I am proud that both are responsible. They are really great kids. I am not just saying that because I am their mom. (LOL)