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How I Met Your Father 1

While I was interning at a museum my friends and I used to print out personal ad’s from Yahoo. We would read them out loud to each other in funny voices. One day, one of us dared each other to answer an ad. I answered an ad, and even went on a date. I had the guy pick me up from the museum, and I never told him that is where I worked. He claimed in his ad that he was Italian. (that was one of my prerequisites) I got into the car (this was the days before cell phones), and we went to a restaurant. He talked incessantly about himself, and how frugal he was. I was ready to go after my fist cup of coffee. He just droned on and on…”I save money by taking most dates on the bus.” He even had the nerve to tell me how lucky I was that he really liked me, since he drove his car. WOW! He actually wondered why he was still single?

I told him that I needed to get back to my car. He then asked if it was ok if we split the check since it was our first date, and he did spend the gas money to get us to the restaurant. I told him…Oh no, I was delighted to pay my half. I finally got back to my car, and I laughed all the way home.

I couldn’t wait to get to work the next morning to tell my friends all about my date.