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Baby Donkey

We have another baby…we have a baby donkey. His name is Snickerdoodle. Here are some Taking a nap after being born on the 17th of September.IMG_6672 First day with his halter. IMG_6616Getting cleaned up after his birth.IMG_6674A whole day with his halter on his face.

Fountain of Youth, Happiness Project, Saturday Special

Pasture Paradise

Recently, we added our donkeys and goats in one pasture. The donkeys are the Livestock protectors of the goats. If a coyote would come on the farm to do harm to the goats the donkeys would attack and stomp the coyotes. I understand that the donkeys will also head butt the coyotes too.

The other day, the donkeys, goats, and some chickens were all in the pasture at one time. They all looked so peaceful. The chickens do a nice clean up job, they go down to the pasture every afternoon about the same time to clean up after the donkeys and goats. They eat all the scrap food that has not been enjoyed by the goats and donkeys.


Saturday Special

Donkeys Having Fun

We own two miniature donkeys. The two of them are used as protection for the goats. Miniature donkeys will attack coyotes, and alert everyone that there are coyotes or danger on the farm. One of the girls is pregnant. Since we know she is a proven mother, we decided to add a baby donkey to the herd.

The two girls were added to the coral of the goats just recently. We had them is separate but neighboring corals so everyone could get used to each other before we added them in the same pasture.

They have fun together, especially when they are eating their grass. Hannah, is the black one throwing the grass on Ellie. Ellie is pregnant, and will carry her baby for one year.



Never A Dull Moment

Our family has been living on our farm for about one year and a half. Everyday there is something happening, never a dull moment. Our chickens are free range chickens. They are antibiotic free, and run and play all day. Anyone that tells you that they only eat veggies or grain, feed them only veggies or grain. Chickens are like little prehistoric beings, they have so many vocal sounds. I imagine dinosaurs sounded the way the chickens do. The chickens run around and eat bugs, and I have even seen them go after song birds that try to drink their water.

The donkeys sometimes want to roam the whole 40 acres, but since there are gaps in the front I don’t want them to run all over the place. They are the protectors of the goats, so they need to be in the same coral as the goats. The donkeys will go after coyotes, and stomp them…so the dogs can’t be too close to the donkeys.

donkeysOn the days they do get out of the stall before I have the lead on them, I have to call their names and follow them all over until I catch them.

The goats are so adorable, and cause the least amount of problems. They do want to jump up on people so they can visit up close and personal.

Just the other day I was taking the dogs for their daily run. They run the whole perimeter of the 40 acre farm. Then they run back up to the house, or at least that is what they usually do. As they were coming back up the road, a coyote ran toward the creek bed. One of the dogs went after the coyote, and the other one looked back at me with a look…Mom, I gotta go with my sister. Off they went, I walked through the creek bed looking for them. Yelled their names, took the Kabota out looking for them. Took the car out to look for them. Yelled for them from the top of each hill.

Finally, after the 12 hours one of them arrives at the door. I made her some farm fresh eggs, and blew on each piece before I fed it to her. She was lying on her side as she ate each piece. The kids did not want to give up looking for the other dog. They would call her name, and they swore they heard her crying. It was really dark…we took the Kabota to the location where my son said he heard her crying. We went to the location, and there she was pacing back and forth. He lifted the barbed wire fence to allow her to come into our property.

This is day two of them being home. Since their escapade I have not heard any coyotes around, and the dogs have been napping most of the time. Like I said there is something happening everyday…never a dull moment.

Saturday Special

Farm Views

Gucci cuddles up with her favorite blanket.                                  Gucci

Vermicomposting, worms eat apple cores, shredded paper, coffee, banana peels, and green waste.IMG_5001  Heating up the compost.IMG_5003

Just as the dew has set in the morning on a feather.


Our donkeys, Ellie and Hannah.IMG_7313

Misty, is one of our female goats.IMG_7315

Fresh oranges and lemons from our trees.IMG_5005

Pine needle tea from our Stone Pine Tree. IMG_5013

The bees are still happy in the field. IMG_5090

The ducks are a little in shock. They just lost three buddies in one day to the coyotes. Although, it is beautiful on the farm, sometimes some sights are not so beautiful. I did have a photo of the duck head. The coyotes left the head behind the pond. I found it later, and took a photo of it. The circle of life is truly lived out here…you see life and death. Death is sad, but it happens on the farm more often. IMG_5097

San Luis Sunday

Terreni D’ Oro

We have a 40 acre farm with goats, miniature donkeys, chickens, ducks, African geese, bees, and red wigglers. We also have 70+ trees in our orchard. Oh, and we have three dogs, two Cane Corsi, and one Yorkie.


IMG_6618   The Godfather                                                          IMG_6621 Skittles, little bantam rooster. IMG_4876 Gucci is relaxing. IMG_6641 The sunset on the farm.IMG_6707Ellie is the brown miniature donkey, and Hannah is the black one. IMG_6710 The goats are Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Misty, Pinkie, Cutie ,and Starbright.