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Mouse In The Toilet

If there is one thing I can’t stand it is MICE. I really hate them. When we lived in the SF Bay Area we went through 10 months of renovation. The kids were small, and everyday we needed to be out of the house by 9am. I would take an activity outside for the children to do, and pack a little lunch so we could have a picnic everyday, Monday through Thursday. Since my husband got to work from home he stayed home while I took the children to a zoo every Friday was zoo day.

There was a time during the construction that our house had to be up on stilts. We were having the basement, and a third story added to the house. When the house was on stilts vermin (mice) found their way into the house. My husband did not believe me. I put up surveillance cameras. He told me that the rodents don’t hold themselves, there is no evidence of their little mess anywhere. I told him, I can feel that they were here. I proved it to him with the video. I was bleaching everything, I was a MAD woman. Since we lived in the SF Bay Area we could not get the regular mouse traps that snap their dirty little necks. No! We had to get the HUMANE traps. They are little grey tubes that catch them, and then you can release them. Well, HELL NO! I am not going to catch the damn things then free them for them to come back into my house.

house on stilts
house on stilts

This is the graphic part of the story that some of you may need to stop reading….I give you a second to leave.


I would catch them, and flush them down the toilet. One of them…decided he wasn’t going to go down that way. It tried to jump out of the toilet. I was freaking out, so I slammed down the lid, ran to get a trash bag. I taped the trash bag over the toilet. I called my husband at work to tell him what I had done. My son was three, and was telling me in the background….call papa, call papa. My husband started cracking up laughing. I wasn’t amused at all, this was also our only toilet. UGH!

I finally could no longer hear it splashing around in there. I got up the nerve to take a peek at what had happened to it. It was dead. I then had to bleach the toilet. That was the last one that got into the house. We had every crevice in the house filled by our construction crew. Since I was sickened by the thought of those diseased animals being around the house, every hole that was the size of a pencil was closed.

No, I am not ashamed of killing the mice.