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The Range

We are pretty lucky to live in San Luis Obispo. We have so many fine restaurants that have such scrumptious meals to offer. Recently, we went out to dinner with great friends of ours.

The range

We had a couple of glasses of water before our friends arrived, and even the water was tasty. Once our friends arrived we wasted no time to order our food. The setting is very intimate, and there was a line to get into the place. There are no reservations at this time, just first come first served. I had a huge salad, I ate almost all of it. Everyone else shared a pizza as the appetizer. They really enjoyed it. I had the chicken, and it was really good, juicy chicken and very delectable.

The wines are pretty moderately priced, and we were pleased all the way around. The Range is located in Santa Margarita, California.

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Worst Dish Ever!

Although the book 642 Things to Write About has Worst Thanksgiving Dish…I wanted to share with you the worst dish I have ever made. 

When we lived in the SF Bay Area, we had a favorite pasta. Ravioli’s that were made by hand, but they were sold at a few stores and delicatessens. We ate the sausage meat ravioli with homemade meat sauce. One day, I saw there were turkey ravioli. I thought, this would be a change from the norm. Well, it was a change for the worst, and not the better. 

The table looked lovely, and the smell of fresh homemade bread filled the air. It was just the right crispy feeling outside. We didn’t need a “coat”, just a jacket would do. Just as the ravioli finished in the pot the steam from the pot moistened the windows. I added our homemade sauce, and my mouth watered in anticipation of the ravioli. I started by dipping my pipping hot bread into a little olive oil. MMMM! It was so good, and now a bite of the ravioli. I took a bite, and it was crunchy. It felt like I was eating some of the feathers from the bird. I pushed it down, and did not admit to my disgust to the rest of the family. There it was, on their faces too…disgust! Ugh! I just wanted to shrink in size for putting my family through this drama. I took my fork, and cut one of the raviolis in half. I wasn’t ready to admit to defeat. I took yet another bite…yes, it was just as bad. My over active imagination took me to the slaughter house where feathers were flying everywhere. Could I keep these few bites down? I tried one more, and then I had to admit to the rest of the family that we will not buy the turkey ravioli. Everyone put their forks down, and thanked me for admitting that the ravioli were awful. 

I am sure there are some good turkey ravioli out there. I just have not had the nerve to try another turkey ravioli since. 

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Dating Again

Before my husband and I were married we vowed that our family would always come first. We would do things as a family, and not leave our children for other to babysit. Since I was the one that was home with the children, my husband was kind enough to give me some time alone. He also gave me time to spend with my friends. I needed that time around other grown ups.

The first time we decide that we would try to go on a date was when my son was eight. We just got an antique curio cabinet the same day. We were taking baby steps to get the mammoth piece up each step our flight of steps leading to the house. We had one more step to go from the foyer to the living room. It was a big step! My husband took a misstep, and the whole cabinet landed right on top of him as he fell. It was crushing his stuff. How could I get this off of him, and not damage the curio? I found a step that was perfect to wedge in, so he could squeeze out from under the curio. He got out from under the curio cabinet. He did not feel like going out after the crushing incident.

This year we finally got to take a date. Our first date in years. We went out with our dear friends. Going to Il Cortile in Paso Robles, California. We had so much fun, we had to do it again. We had another date alone. Our friends brought a bottle of wine from their private collection. We always have a great time with them, and wonderful conversation.

A week after our first date in 16 years we went out again all by ourselves. We realize the kids are going to be gone from the nest in just a few short years. We went to a gallery opening at “Just Looking Gallery” we had a wonderful dinner at Palazzo Giuseppe , I had the Sea Bass and caviar, and the vino… Perfecto! We had an excellent evening. We will have to do it more often. Even the walk to the car was special.