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Finally Done

San Marcos Creek Villa is done, and here are the results of all our hard work…

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Cow Parade SLO

When I was attending the Mid State Fair in 2015 I saw an artist working on a cow. She was painting a fiberglass cow, and I had to know more. I went over to the table to find out more about the cow, and how I could acquire one. The cost was out of our price range, but that didn’t stop me from keeping that paper. I held on to the dream of having a cow. We were only in escrow for the winery, but we knew that owning a winery isn’t going to pay for art.

Almost a year later, I was told by a friend that there were a few Mini Moo’s, so I placed a phone call to find out how I could get one of these cows. This is the biggest public arts display in the world. Pretty impressive, and I had to be a part of it.

There was a vast array of artists that were all very talented! I saw the vision of Julie Dickey and Sandy Stevens, that was the one!


It’s a bummer that I can’t show you real photos of the progress, but they do update everyone on Facebook. Here is the link to their site The Passionate Hearts, so you can learn more about these fascinating women. If you join them on Facebook and Instagram, you will also see their progress.

If you are interested in the whole CowParadeSLO project, click on the link. We are so proud to bring art, charity, and wine together.

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2012 Photos

These were back in the days of going back and fourth to Bay to SLO.

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Reale Leone

I am happy to tell all of you that we are now 99.9%. The only thing we have  pending is the pressure pumps. After the pressure pumps are working we can open for business. It looks magnificent! We have worked very hard to think of every detail going into this project. What would people like? What would they expect?

Reale Leone will be able to be rented by the suite or rent out the whole place. It has fireplaces in each suite, and one in the main lobby. We have coffeemakers, fridge, and microwave in each unit. As well as a full size fridge in the lobby. Just in case people need more space that people can’t get in their room.

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Remodeling That House? Part 2

We made it through those 10+ months of renovation hell. The construction guys were super sweet, taking care of the children, cleaning up every day after the construction was very difficult. Here were the results of all the hard work…Front  We sure did love our house in Oakland, California. We lived in the beautiful are of Rockridge, in Oakland, California. We opted for this wrought iron gate around the house. It was stepped back at the entrance. Everyone had a hand in the choices of the fence. My daughter picked out the hearts, her favorite shape. My son picked out the baskets in the center panels of each part of the gate. 40630040_1_2

Living roomThis was the living room with Bradburry and Bradbury  walloper on the ceiling.

40630040_5_2The living room looking into the dining room.

40630040_14_2The backyard looking at the house.

40630040_21_2   The vanity area upstairs.  40630040_11_2 Another view of the backyard. 40630040_12_2Obviously, we loved the yard.

40630040_25_1Upstairs chandelier.  40630040_10_2Kitchen with eat in kitchen. 40630040_9_2Another view of the kitchen. There were 4 full bedrooms, and an office upstairs and in the basement. As well as an area downstairs for laundry, and sitting room.

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Jeanne Illenye (Exuberance)

When I was younger, I dreamed of being like the Medici family. Buying spectacular art, and helping the artists that I purchased from in any way I could. Having a blog has allowed me to do what I have dreamed of doing.

I have commissioned many paintings from Jeanne, but the one that is the most special is the one here. It has the mixture of everything I love about a still life, little insects, that are representative of life continuing and renewing itself. Little drops of water for the iridescent and fragility of life and the dependency of those little droplets for every living thing.


There are books in the painting, as a reminder how important learning is at any age. Severs porcelain vase that are rare and amazing. Lemons and fruits that are from California. The peonies are reminders of my home state, Indiana. Where we always had Peonies growing in our yard. We would spend hours watching the ants work on the peonies, like they knew the flowers would not be open for very long. One month, which may arguably be the most important month in Indianapolis, May, race month.  Jeanne Illenye got everything I ask for in the painting. Now, it hangs in my dining room as a reminder of beauty and fleeting moments.

If you are interested in the work of Jeanne Illenye, here is her website.

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Collections and Obsessions….Tea Pots

Since I was a little girl, I loved tea pots, and tea sets. My daughter even had several different sets. I love tea, a hot cup of tea makes the most of the moments in a day. Here are my tea pots…

This one is an antique  “Sadler” from England.

It has a different shape, with flowers cascading down the sides. The shape indicates its use as a coffee pot. Made in England, but no manufactures mark.

  Another one with a slender look, it is Herend . It is technically a coffee pot too. The Herend brand is from Hungary.
Another Herend pot, but this one is a tea pot. The detailing is superb! Every pot is hand painted.


Herend again, this one has a fruit focus instead of a floral focus. 

Sterling silver set that includes tea pot, coffee pot, sugar bowl, and creamer. This set is made in Germany.

My last Herend tea pot, with another cabbage roses with tulips, bees, and lady bugs.

A Lenox tea pot that has been used more than all the others. A butterfly sits atop the tea pot. 
My absolute favorite. This set is just like the one used in the movie “Everafter” with Drew Berrymoore. This set is from Holland.
What is your obsession or collection?


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Collections and Obsessions…Limoges Boxes

in the casket Each one the boxes are hand painted in France. The Limoges brand has been around for ages. It all began in the 1700’s. The first boxes held needles, because they were so expensive and rare. Even today, it is a custom of the “old world” to give back any needles that were given to you. If you utilize your needles on something that needs to be hemmed, the seamstress will give each one back to the owner if they are from the “old world”. The superstition is…if one keeps the needles of someone else, they become bad luck.

Any way, the box above, holds tiny bottles. They may at one time held perfume. casket These little beauties are fired multiple times, and at a tempeture of 1400 degrees.

mail boxHere is a mailbox with a tiny letter inside…


CafeEspresso machine

hear, see, say These three cats I purchased from one of our favorite antique stores in the SF Bay Area. They were being sold separately, but how could I purchase just one?

Burberry bag I own a Burberry bag just like this one, so it was a must for my collection.

suitcaseYep, Louis Vuitton!

LV pet bagL. V. pet carrier, with no hesitation. Just look at the detail of the animals.

IMG_5878 Tiny works of art

IMG_5875Work of art that is butterflies…

fish bowlFish bowl, and a birdcage IMG_5877

shopping Shopping bag, and when it is opened, it reveals a handbag.  mask A venetian mask, since it is yet another obsession of mine. Yep, I have problems. piano This is a piano, with gilded gold. These are just some of my favorite ones. It would be too embarrassing to show all of them.

What kind of collections do you own?

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Collections and Obsessions…Perfume

Well, this is more like a confessional. Even my husband knows when I am on a little tangent, since every obsession is thematic. Yep, there is a theme to each obsession…perfumes, books, art, bracelets, rings, and apps.


I guess, it could also be like a binge. When a mood strikes me, I focus on that particular subject. I usually never buy one of anything. It is only recently that I have started editing my collection of perfumes. Every month, I use one bottle exclusively. It is going to take me some time to get down to just five. What is that I love about perfume?

shades and scents

The smells of some perfume, is like a mode of transportation. As soon as I open it, I am taken to moments in my life. One that comes to my mind is Silk Ribbons, I can remember like it was yesterday when my sister and I were at a brunch on a patio. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, just enough heat. I wore my favorite little black shoes with a floral jean skirt. A rose colored shirt with a white summer sweater.


5th Avenue, reminds me moving to California. It was one of the perfumes that I brought with me. I moved here with my dog Anima, a little Maltese. Two suit cases full of clothes, rollerblades, and my bicycle. I sold all my belongs except my books, and that was the only items I had delivered to California.

IMG_5734 IMG_5733 IMG_5730 IMG_5729 IMG_5728

When I choose a perfume, it is not just about the smell, but also the bottle. I consider my sister and I perfume connoisseurs. We used to spend a day just trying to decide on a perfume. We would get a little dizzy from smelling so many different perfumes. My sister was one of the only people that I could tolerate wearing Fendi. It always reminded me of bug spray at the dorms one a month when someone else was wearing it.


What is an obsession of yours? What is your favorite perfume?


Office Designing

My office is almost done. I found the perfect pieces to go into my office. I have the chandelier already hung, and the desk is waiting to go into the office. I have to call the antique dealer in the morning to get my last piece to finish off the look I want. Once the other pieces are in, I can then find the perfect round table to utilize as our conference spot. 

I enjoy buying antiques since they are parts of history being rescued, and they find a new life. My new piece of furniture…Image