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Collections and Obsessions…Perfume

Well, this is more like a confessional. Even my husband knows when I am on a little tangent, since every obsession is thematic. Yep, there is a theme to each obsession…perfumes, books, art, bracelets, rings, and apps.


I guess, it could also be like a binge. When a mood strikes me, I focus on that particular subject. I usually never buy one of anything. It is only recently that I have started editing my collection of perfumes. Every month, I use one bottle exclusively. It is going to take me some time to get down to just five. What is that I love about perfume?

shades and scents

The smells of some perfume, is like a mode of transportation. As soon as I open it, I am taken to moments in my life. One that comes to my mind is Silk Ribbons, I can remember like it was yesterday when my sister and I were at a brunch on a patio. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, just enough heat. I wore my favorite little black shoes with a floral jean skirt. A rose colored shirt with a white summer sweater.


5th Avenue, reminds me moving to California. It was one of the perfumes that I brought with me. I moved here with my dog Anima, a little Maltese. Two suit cases full of clothes, rollerblades, and my bicycle. I sold all my belongs except my books, and that was the only items I had delivered to California.

IMG_5734 IMG_5733 IMG_5730 IMG_5729 IMG_5728

When I choose a perfume, it is not just about the smell, but also the bottle. I consider my sister and I perfume connoisseurs. We used to spend a day just trying to decide on a perfume. We would get a little dizzy from smelling so many different perfumes. My sister was one of the only people that I could tolerate wearing Fendi. It always reminded me of bug spray at the dorms one a month when someone else was wearing it.


What is an obsession of yours? What is your favorite perfume?


Few Furniture Favorties

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces of furniture.

IMG_3268This is our antique credenza. We keep our Bohemian Crystal, Murano Glasses, and other crystal drinking stemware. What is on top? The tea pots are Herend, The Cockatoo, and other yellow chested bird are Murano. The double birds are also Murano. The Jay bird is a Tay, and the Owl is an Armani. The hummingbird on the flower is a Bohem.

IMG_3269Top piece of another dining room piece of furniture. The birds, and urns are Capodimonte pieces, There is a violin player that is from Murano, The porcelain dancers are from Franc, and the crystal ones are Swarovski. The largest one in the center is another Capodimonte. There are two Murano rosters on each side. Roosters are usually given to the Bride and Groom for good luck in fertility and prosperity.