Fountain of Youth, Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

Chasing Coyotes

We have three Cane Corsi, which are Italian Mastiffs. One is a puppy, my husband had to have another puppy. We have two older ones that are sisters, they were very close, so we didn’t want to split them. 

When we lived in the city, they played in the backyard for hours at a time. They always lived in the house, and loved being around us as much as possible. We love being around them too. In fact, while we were looking for the ideal place in the country we would bring them with us. They would be secured in their crate in the back of the truck, we even had insulated warmers for the crates during the winter season. It was a pretty big undertaking carrying out each crate at 4 am, getting them in the truck, strapping them down, and then getting the dogs in the crates.

Recently, I was trying to save a little time…when I allowed the sisters outside in the morning. Usually, I allow the girls to run together at night. They run the perimeter of the 40 acres, and then come back in the house. However, that did not happen during that morning. There was a coyote down the hill. Coyotes, were stealing so many chickens. We had 95 chickens, but the coyotes had us down to 47. 

The girls saw the coyote, and took off after it. I searched the creek bank, I drove the Kabota looking for them, I drove the car looking for them, posted info online, called animal services, and finally bit the bullet, to tell my husband.

After everyone got home that evening, they helped look for the dogs too. We ate dinner, and called for them again. Tears were staining my shirt. It was nearing 9 PM, and a real depression was starting to set in deep in my soul. My children and I were out calling Saddie….Sheba! Then we thought we heard barking. We went inside to take a break. Just as we sat down Sheba came to the door. We checked her out, and she just wanted water. She went to the cool stone floor to cool off, and stop panting. Everyone gave her a big hug. 

We went back outside to call for Saddie. My son was convinced that her heard her. We got in the Kabota and went to where he swore he heard her. She was there, at the spot he heard her. She was stuck on the other side of the electric fence. My son was the brave one, he got the fence open enough to drag her through without getting hurt.


The coyotes have not stolen any more chickens since that day. Saddie and Sheba have not gone for any more moring “free range runs” since that day either. Whew, it was an emotional day for sure! Never, a dull moment on the farm!

Happiness Project, Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

Coyote Coughs Out a Silkie

Just the other day, I was getting ready to go out on a date with my husband. I was upstairs unrolling my hair when I heard the African Geese honking outside my window. I look out the window, and see a coyote running after all the chickens. All I could do is yell over and over…Coyote, Coyote, Coyote. I run to the staircase telling everyone downstairs. “There is a Coyote outside chasing the chickens.”

I ran back over to the window to see what was happening, and the coyote had a black chicken in his mouth. I saw my husband going out on the farm with a rifle. He shot the coyote, must have been at least in the leg…Our black silkie came limping back home. We put him in the nursery where he has been in the chicken house alone. He is still limping a little bit.

Here is a photo of our saved baby…Pimp

Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

Coyotes and Foxes…Oh My!

coyoteWe have had some of our lovely little silkies stolen by a predator. Just the other day I saw a huge fox on the farm, and then Sunday there was a Coyote waiting for me to open the coops and allow the chickens to roam. We only started with eight silkies, and now there are 4. We also have lost a few other chickens.

We have some huge Italian Mastiffs, but I don’t want them to get hurt by a group of coyotes. We know that there are coyotes that lead dogs away, and then a group of them will gang up on the dog. UGH! I would be even more heart broken. Being a farmer is not easy. I do know how to shoot a gun, so I may have to take out the coyote. I just don’t want another one of my chickens to be devoured by a coyote.

What would you do?