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RiverStar Vineyards


Riverstar Vineyards is an 80-acre ranch located in the heart of San Miguel, in the Paso Robles AVA. There are 60 planted acres of grapes, including six varietals that they use to produce their estate wines. They are a family owned and operated winery, and pride themselves on utilizing the fruit grown on their vineyard to create well balanced and easy drinking wines. Riverstar is a beautiful piece of land, with a scenic meadow in the front of the property that is used for concerts, weddings, and events.

Their boutique tasting room is open Thursdays through Mondays from 11-5, where you can taste their award- winning wines and fun red blends that Riverstar has been known for. They offer a wine and cheese pairing with six of their red wines. They will soon be featuring sparkling wines as well, stay tuned!

Extend your experience at Riverstar by staying in one of their vacation rentals. The “Ranch House” is three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a wrap- around deck, just perfect for watching the gorgeous sunsets over the vines.

The “House on the Hill” is nestled in the middle of the vineyard, with a private pool in the backyard. This home is three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, with a fourth room that has a futon and couch to fit all your guests under one roof. More information and photos can be found on our website and on VRBO/

Riverstar is hosting some great concerts this fall. Saturday, September 10, 2016 the Blimp Pilots, a rock n roll cover band, will be playing from 1-4 pm on the meadow. Chaco’s Mexican Grill food truck will be on site cooking up delicious tacos. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and come hang out with them to listen to some awesome tunes, and enjoy some of their great wines!

The next event will be Saturday, October 15, 2016 and will feature the JD Project from 1-4 pm, as well as Chaco’s Mexican Grill food truck. Come celebrate this year’s successful harvest with live music and flowing wine!

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Cesarina XIV

Cesariana, was making the most of her life. She was traveling all over Europe, and seeing parts of America that she had dreamed about seeing. She even visited San Miguel before we over here.


IMG_5912 When she came back from England, I met her at her mailbox, and we were chatting. She was so happy to see the kids. She told me that she wasn’t feeling well.

What do you mean you are not feeling well? She snapped back  “It’s not that heard to figure out that I’ve been sick.” I just want to know what kind of symptoms are you having I asked her. She then replied “I have been vomiting everyday. I told her “That’s not normal, you need to go to the doctor.” She asked “You think it might be something serious?” I told her “It would be better to get it checked, because it could be something very serious.” She then asked if I thought it was cancer. I told her, I’m not sure, all I know is vomiting every day is not normal. She then told me to stop wishing for her to have cancer. I reminded her that I don’t wish bad things to happen to people. In fact I believed that wishing harm for others backfires, and only causes wasted time and energy.

She went to the doctor, and called the day after. “Kimberly, guess what? I don’t have cancer, so you can stop believing there is something wrong with me.” I told her again…there is nothing normal about vomiting every day. I just wanted you to get checked out by the doctor. You have insurance, and pay for insurance, so you should use it.

The next day, I got another phone call form her. She told me that the doctor called her back, and they told her she had cancer. All of us went to the hospital with her. They told her she had stomach cancer, and they would have to operate right away. We were informed that during the operation she would also have lymph nodes removed and checked as well.

A tumor was removed from her stomach, and her stomach. She also had cancer in 80% of the lymph nodes that were removed. When she was awake, we all talked about what course of action to take. She told us that she did not want to suffer during this time, but she wanted to live. She was going to go through radiation and chemo.

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One Big Heifer


Here is Sabrina with Luna. Sabrina won second place with her heifer this year. She plans on taking two cows to fair next year. She will take another heifer, and a steer. Taking care of her animals takes a lot of time and dedication. I’m so proud of her, she is living her dream of being a farmer. She has said since she was little, she wanted to be a farmer.

Just recently, she said “Do you realize that I am living my dream?” I told her that I was so happy that she realized that she is living her dream.

Congratulations, Sabrina!

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Villa at San Marcos Creek

Last month, I made it my goal to finish the house in less than 90 days. I still need to get the rails to two beds. You would think that “standard rails” are easy to find, but everyone has to order them. UGH! Why are they called “standard”?

The great room, with views into the kitchen, dining room, and the bar.

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Venus Has Left the Farm

Venus was the heifer that Sabrina took to fair. The fair takes so much time out of the summer. She had to take the time to find the cow, pay to get her pregnant, then take care of her all the time before fair.

I recently told her, “you are living your dream.” She said…”I just realized the same thing the other day.” Since she was little, she has wanted to be a farmer. I would even question her over and over thinking that she would be swayed from “farming”, but she never wavered. I still relish the moments at the table when she and my son would argue over what they would sell to each other. Her with her farm, and his vineyard and winery.

I’m so proud that she sold her first cow. We are going to start looking for a herd of cows.


This is Venus after her shower, the day she was sold.

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Cow Parade SLO

When I was attending the Mid State Fair in 2015 I saw an artist working on a cow. She was painting a fiberglass cow, and I had to know more. I went over to the table to find out more about the cow, and how I could acquire one. The cost was out of our price range, but that didn’t stop me from keeping that paper. I held on to the dream of having a cow. We were only in escrow for the winery, but we knew that owning a winery isn’t going to pay for art.

Almost a year later, I was told by a friend that there were a few Mini Moo’s, so I placed a phone call to find out how I could get one of these cows. This is the biggest public arts display in the world. Pretty impressive, and I had to be a part of it.

There was a vast array of artists that were all very talented! I saw the vision of Julie Dickey and Sandy Stevens, that was the one!


It’s a bummer that I can’t show you real photos of the progress, but they do update everyone on Facebook. Here is the link to their site The Passionate Hearts, so you can learn more about these fascinating women. If you join them on Facebook and Instagram, you will also see their progress.

If you are interested in the whole CowParadeSLO project, click on the link. We are so proud to bring art, charity, and wine together.

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Villa San Juliette

I love visiting Villa San Juliette, they are the neighbors of Ranchita Canyon Vineyard. The beauty there is magnificent, the grounds evoke an image of European splendor. The artistically rendered gates open at 11am, the driveway is punctuated by cypress tress, and olive trees. The statuary, and landscape transport your soul to a place of divine harmony. I feel as though I am in an ancient Roman painting…bring on the banquet!

I have visited VSJ many times, but have never had the opportunity to meet the two gentlemen that own the winery. Ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe  are the owners, and I am told that the two met as schoolmates in Liverpool and a friendship bloomed. Both young men loved to entertain and as they grew into adulthood, this shared passion led to careers that often intersected,  as dancers, then as choreographers and as producers of entertainment enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

Despite their demanding schedules, in 2004 these two friends made time to catch up over a dinner in Las Vegas. They asked the sommelier to surprise them with a bottle of Cab, and, when both glasses were poured, the conversation took a momentous turn. The wine was spectacular, spurring an interest in the Paso Robles AVA that would grow into a love affair. And thus, in that first sip, the dream of Villa San-Juliette Vineyard & Winery was born.

Smitten as they were, just one year later Ken and Nigel purchased a pastoral 168-acre property located at the northern edge of the Paso Robles AVA in the small town of San Miguel, California. A healthy vineyard was already established across rolling slopes and ideal soils, so Ken and Nigel directed their energies towards enhancing the natural beauty of the vineyard with a tasting room styled after the Tuscan villas that Nigel had enjoyed during trips to Italy.

Ken and Nigel’s belief in Paso Robles wine country comes to fulfillment in Villa San-Ju- liette’s comfortable tasting room, superb wines, and idyllic vineyard views.

The two are the producers of American Idol. They also produce many other talent shows, as well as own the winery. In 2013 the winery became SIP certified, which is no easy feat. One must be able to demonstrate their sustainability, water, animal conservation, soil health, and the overall carbon footprint are measured.

Their wines have won several awards too, so it’s so worth a visit. Every time I have visited, I have been fascinated by what appears to be a sculptured wind vane. I recently was told that the “Fat Monk” is a second label. I can’t personally attest to it’s yumminess, but the Fat Monk looks super cool.

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Winery of the Year

No, we did not get winery of the year. Robert Hall got Winery of the Year. We will have to try for next year. We did get “Best in Show” this year, and that is pretty great!

Here is the wine in the special case, the winner case…LOL, and here we are posing with our giant posters. James (our wine maker) and then me.

The name of the wine that won “Flings First Crush”, which was the father of James. His father was the original owner of the winery and property. The hand print was from his dad putting his grape stained hand on one of his friends. There was even a commemorative t-shirt, but I believe James did his father proud with winning such a prestigious accomplishment. The Grenache blend is like a virtuosity in a bottle…ahh, the music, and art of wine! Perfecto!

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A Girl and Her Cow


My baby with her heifer Venus. Venus gives Sabrina tough time. Today, she got pulled to the ground and pulled through the mud. Venus got weighed today too, and she is 1600 LBS. It’s been a very long season with the heifer, and today she was proved pregnant, and weighted so she can compete with other heifers at the end of the week.

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Will Bullas


When entering our kitchen these are the paintings that people see first. The top one is entitled “bearista”, it kinda reminds me of my husband. It also reminds me of how I act in the mornings. I really do need my coffee, I refer to it as “liquid personality”.

I love our family gatherings in the kitchen, my husband and I drink coffee, and the kid eat their breakfast. Instead of reading the paper, we read our iPads or iPhones. I read the news first, and everyone shares what they are reading. Sometimes we share funny videos. It’s just a new age take on a business morning.

“The Wine King” kinda reminds me more of our son. He is the one that reads stocks and the Wall Street Journal in the morning. We all enjoy a glass of wine in the evening with our dinner. We all talk about how our day went, and no electronics are at the table. Well, I take that back, when we have guests that are checking into Reale Leone Suites, or the Crush Pad, we make sure all the guests for the day are checked in for the day. Sometimes, we do have to make an exception for business.

Seeing these paintings brings joy to my heart every time I see them. That is what art is all about…eliciting an emotional response. These two pieces were purchased at Just Looking Gallery, in San Luis Obispo.