Throwback Thursday

Sweet 16

Here I am at 16. I just passed my Lifeguard Training class. It was too late to get a job with the city, but I did get an offer that I could not pass. The residential camp that I attended when I was younger ask me to Lifeguard for them. One of the college students bowed out, and they needed a replacement. I packed my bags, and was ready to start my adventure as a lifeguard at camp. Once I arrived one of the counselors was having issues with the inner city kids. They asked if I could step in for a few days as a counselor. I took over, and ended up being the counselor for the 11 year old girls. There would be 10 girls at a time, for two weeks. We would go hiking, swimming, boating, horse back riding, everyday. We did crafts, archery, and sang songs…lots of songs. We had closing ceremonies around the campfire, and every two weeks we would cry for those kids leaving. 16

Most of the other counselors were college age kids. My sister and I were the youngest people that were in charge. On days off we would go to Bloomington, Indiana., and hang out with other college kids. On nights that we were off we would go into the freezer and gather up peanut butter and chocolate chips, mix them together and make our own homemade “reese peanut butter brick”. There were parties that were not sanctioned 😉 they were pretty fun. We often would go “sailing with the captain”. Yes, I know I was only 16, but it was the 80’s. That is all I will say about it.

We may have been poor, but we sure had some fun.


Summer Begins

Summer is much different than the rest of the year. When my children were young they went through every kind of camp available. Karate, Fencing, Cooking, Shop, Swimming, Ballet, Science, Arts and Crafts, Boating, Discovery…ugh. You name it my kids have done it. I wanted to give them a rich tapestry of excitement, and allow them to find what it is they loved to do on their own terms. I did not want to be the parent that made them play any sport they did not want to play. When they were really young I would go through all the schedules of camps I could find, and name off the classes they offered. I would allow each child to pick three of four camps, depending on how much time we were going to be in the area.

There would great camps, and classes the kids loved. There were ones that I would hope they would love, but did not. I made them go back every day even if they hated it the second day. I mean really, how can you hate camp the first day?

Now, my children are older. Since we have a farm they have to work around the farm before they can go have fun doing what they wish to do. I look back upon fond memories of the days of exploring something new. They were just as exciting for me, as they were for the kids. I had already experienced camp as a young person, and counselor. Now, I got to see it for the first time through the eyes of my own children. Oh, how I treasure the story telling time. Right after I would pick them up from camp they would have so many stories to tell me about their day. I loved that so much!!