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Civilization, What does it mean to you?

I once read that “civilizing” people was an evil deed, and when I think about the history of peoples all over the world being persecuted to become “civilized” I understand the concept. No matter what people may think of Christopher Columbus, the atrocities that people have inflicted on others has happened since the beginning of time. I see posts where people are hating on another group of people over the history of how a country was formed. It baffles me that people believe that any people from one region were gentle to another group of people. Every invader has beaten, tortured, raped, and killed anyone that got in the way of said invaders. I am not defending the atrocities that people have inflicted on one another, its about time we realize that it was a reality for our ancestors.

Our family is Native American, Spanish, French, English, Russian ,Italian, Irish, and Jewish. I am almost certain there is some African from our ancestor that was more than likely taken from her home in Barbados. More likely than not she was kidnapped, tortured, raped, and kept with her husband that purchased her. It is really sad, but it is a fact. I know with certainty that another female ancestor was kidnapped, and taken from Ireland on a ship by a pirate. Even though modern filmmakers want to romanticize pirates, it was anything but…what was done to women or anyone that was unlike the captors was horrible! I know many family stories that are sad and deplorable.

One of my great, great aunts was Native American, Black, and White. She lived in a very rural area, where everyone treated each other like family. She left a detailed journal of her life. She always felt as though she belonged to the community until one day she went to a different town for some sugar for her sick friend. A lady called her the “N” word. She then proceeded to tell the lady that she was never a slave. She was a free woman, and so was her mother. Learning the personal stories of individual ancestors gives me so much pleasure.

So many of us have ancestors that have lived a life of subjugation, oppression, and poverty. It is up to us to tell the stories we know, and share what we know about their lives. What we need to do is change what is happening today. Stop our fellow human beings from torturing, raping, and killing each other now. There is nothing that we can do to change what has already happened. We can learn and grow from what we know what has happened to our ancestors.

We are finally getting to a point in our world where people see each other as just other human beings. Not being so judgmental about how other people live their lives. Someone being of another faith, color, sex, lifestyle, sexual orientation, has nothing to do with who you are as a person. How you treat others has everything to do with who you are.

Christopher Columbus is thought to be a Spanish man that lived in Italy. He and his group did rape, torture, and kill the native people. The Spanish invasion killed 90% of the native people of Mexico. English, French, and Russian peoples invaded, raped, killed the indigenous peoples as well. African people were brought over to the Americas against their will as slaves. Women from across Europe were captured and brought to America against their will, and were sold to become wives of men that were established in America. Our beginning was dark, ninety nine percent of the beginning of any country has been ugly.

It is up to us to change what is happening now. It is up to us to make sure that our fellow human beings live as free.

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Princess to Polo Player

When my daughter was younger, she already knew she wanted to live on a farm. My husband and I have always encouraged our children to do what they dream of doing.

Logitech Exif JPEG
Logitech Exif JPEG

We have always been a family that sits around the table for breakfast and dinner. Our dinners have always been fun, as we sit around the table we talk about our day, and our dreams. Our Princess, always told us about her farm. She wanted a farm with horses, lambs, goats, and pigs. Then my husband would tease her by telling her he was going to sneak on her farm and steal her pigs. He was going to make homemade salami and prosciutto. She knew the leg was used for prosciutto, so she would the tell us how hard it would be to push all the pigs in wheelchairs. She did not realize they would have to be killed to make prosciutto from the pig. She would use her imagination, and come up with the best ways to keep her father away from the pigs. She once came up with a plan to use train bulls to guard the pigs.

During the time we were exchange dreams of our near future we would laugh so hard at the stories. Now, the kids are teens, and we have our farm, no pigs yet. We have several goats, miniature donkeys, ducks, chickens, a goose, and we had a lamb. Our little city Princess has transformed into the young lady that she has dreamed of becoming.

Her ballet instructor told her she had to choose between being an equestrian or ballerina. I thought she was way too young to make such a decision. Why would a ten year old have to choose? Haven’t we learned that people can do anything they want to do? Why put such pressure on young children, and just allow them to be themselves? Needless to say…she did not want to continue to be a ballerina, even though she loved ballet.

Horses are close to her heart, she is just drawn to them like a magnet. Dreams come true, and everyone can obtain the dream they wish to fulfill. It takes moxie, determination, and ambition. You can do it! My little girl that would not leave her room without her Princess robe in the morning is now a Polo player. I couldn’t be more proud of her!

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A Day In The Life…

Recently, my sister ask me why I get up at five in the morning. I told her what I had to do everyday living on a farm. It is a lot of work. I documented much of my day on Instagram that day too, when I remember to do it.

This happened to be a Saturday, that I decided to document A Day In The Life of a farmer, photographer, rancher, property manager, mom, and instagramer.

First up…Walking the dogs, we have three. Two Cane Corso (Italian Mastiffs), and one Yorkie (Gucci)

Here is Sheba…Sheba


Gucci takes the longest to walk, she has to find just the right spot.


Gotta don my cowboy boots, because there are snakes. I haven’t seen as many this year, but they are out there.


Gotta go let out all the chickens, ducks, and geese. Make sure everyone has plenty of water.

Silkie This is one of the silkies. We have 100 chickens. There are also ducks and geese. After the water and food are out for them, they take off on their own. They are free range, so they go all over the farm. Collect the eggs from each coop.

I have some oranges, lemons, limes, apples, grapes, etc. that have not been planted in the orchard. Those plants have to checked for watering.

Back in the house, gotta make breakfast for the family.  Time for a selfie…

Selfie July

Making homemade pancakes, and some fresh eggs.

Pancakes with blueberry jam

Out to my office to check email, and calendar.


Time to kill some ground squirrels, those things are terrible.

Killing ground squirrel attire.

We use a contraption called “Cheetah”, it pumps carbon monoxide into their underground lair. Once some of the exhaust is coming out of a tunnel, that is a hole to cover with dirt. This shuts the ground squirrels in their home. They are very destructive, and they carry all kinds of disease.

We did find a cute bunny. No, we didn’t kill it.

baby bunny

After about three hours, it is off to town to show an apartment. Waited, and the person did not show. Bummer, it happens.

Gotta make dinner, walk the dogs again, and water the chickens, lock them in their houses.

Back to my office, to answer emails again. I could do it in the house, but everyone wants me to do everything else.

There you have it…country and town living.

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One Year

I have been a country lady for a year now. How does it stack up to living in the city? Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t change a thing. It has been hurried at times and crazy. I just love going outside when it is quiet, and being thankful for the life I have. In this year we have purchased lots of property. We are now owners of 500 acres. We live on our forty acre plot of land that we have named Terreni D Oro Estate Farm, since the big ranch is Terreni D’ Oro we had to branch off the name. The farm has grown we have 5 chicken coops, a pond with 12 ducks, and 2 geese. We also have three worm bins of red wigglers. Three bee hives, and about 75 trees in our orchard. We have some trees that have not been added to the orchard as of yet. We want those to get a little stronger before they go in the field.

Diversity in agriculture is what we are striving for at Terreni D Oro Estate Farm. Soon, we are going to grow a crop of chamomile, and we will also have plant one of the fields in Lavender. We want to add goats and sheep to the mix. First, we have to find the right breed for our farm. Farm harmony is very important to us. This is why we have the bees, and the worms. We want to make sure that our farming practices are more like the farmers of days past.

I am in awe of Cicero, Thomas Jefferson, and early monk farmers. Being a diversity instead of a mono farmer we are allowing more beneficial insects, wildlife, and humans to prosper. The bee’s must have food throughout the year for their happiness. As we continue to learn more about how the old ways of farming were more beneficial to the environment we also learn that there are many crops that fit different areas better than others.

Being a farmer is something I enjoy, but it is hard work. Farming takes a lot of money to get off the ground. We are taking baby steps, and work other jobs to make ends meet. From the early morning hours, until sundown we are busy. The weekends, we play even more catch-up. Going through the orchard to make sure the trees are doing well, and se what trees have fruit. It will be a while before we have honey, but we will more than likely add more hives.

This time last year we left our house in the city for a life on the farm.