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A Special Place

When we lived in Oakland, we loved to visit unique places. We would go for long walks through Oakland and Berkley and on our way back home I would love to pass a special little small church. We often would attend Mass there just because of the space. The inside was never what I imagined it would be. The seats are all facing the center. It is a lovely destination. IMG_7073

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G. Farenghi

An Italian artist that was also a professor. Here is a watercolor painting I own by G. Farenghi… G Farenghi.One of my favorite subjects in art is “reading”, and here we have three Nuns reading. What could be better than that for me? I don’t know. I also love religious subjects, especially Catholic ones.

Detail G Farenghi. Here we have two Nuns contemplating the bible in a church. One of the Nuns seems to be questioning something about the reading, and the one in the foreground is trying to make sense of it all. The Nun in the foreground looks a little more mature in age than her counterpart. What is on their side? Is it a giant pocket for a rosary, and/or other necessities the women carried with them? Maybe it is a sachet? It looks big enough to carry some apples or eggs. What do you think?

There is another nun in the background relaxing while she is reading.

It is hard to believe that this is a watercolor, just take a look at the detail…Detail, G Farenghi.The carving on the pews is breath taking, and the folds in the cloth of her habit…one can almost feel the weight of garment.

Finally, there is his elegant signature…Signature  G Farenghi.


San Francisco

One of my favorite cities is San Francisco. When I first moved to California it was the first place I lived. I loved living right beside Golden Gate Park, and being able to walk just about anywhere. I loved the huge shadows that fell across the streets, and wind that just about blow a person up those big hills. Every Sunday I walked up the hill to go to Mass at Saint Ignatius Church. Father Gagen (Father Charles), and I would love it when he was saying Mass. Many times I went the door closed behind me in a big thud, it seemed as though I came at the wrong time. No, it was early Mass, so only a few of the elderly were there with me. The pews were pretty filled in the later hours, as the young crowd woke and showered. Many came to Mass with wet hair. Honestly, although I always made my children dress “properly” for Mass. I believe with all my heart God doesn’t care. God, just wants us to be kind to one another. I don’t even believe that one has to be “religious”, just being kind and respectful to others is great.

Wow! I really got off track…I was really taken back to walking up that hill. Every Sunday, I would tell myself “Get out of bed and go to Mass. Remember there are people in this world that have been so devout that they walked on their knees to get to church. Be thankful for today, go to Mass, and just BE there.” I would get out of bed, shower, change into something I thought was appropriate, and get to Mass. I would love it, and was happy that I went that day, and every Sunday.

After Mass, I would go get Anima (my Maltese), and we would go to the park. Sometimes, I would take my skates with me. If I was taking my skates, I would head over to an area of the park where everyone was on roller-skates. We would also go for long walks or picnics. I would also go to the DeYoung, Asian, or Natural History Museum alone. I love being in a museum. They each had their own unique collections. I would spend the whole day just walking and looking. I would take notes about anything I needed to look up that caught my eye.

Here are some of my favorite photos I took while in San Francisco…

San Francisco contessa
San Francisco contessa


cable carcontessa
cable carcontessa

Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit, it is Latin for “time flies”. This weekend I spent 7 hours driving. My daughter and I drove back to the SF Bay Area. We lived in the Oakland Hills, a neighborhood named “Rockridge”. One side of the street the sign displays Rockridge, and the other side Rock Ridge.  We loved our area, and the home that took so long to reconstruct. We went back by our house to see how much things had changed. It was comforting to see the house still looked exactly the way we left it.

It was so emotional to see the children that my daughter had known since she was a preschooler. The girls looked so beautiful and all grown-up. The boys looked so handsome too. I can’t believe that one year had already passed, and all these amazing children had become young adults. When we left last year they still had cherubic faces, and now they looked so mature.

I just could not hold it together yesterday. I kept thinking of my friend in San Luis Obispo that told me that her son is going to be a Senior this year. She said “I just looked at him, and ask him if I truly made every moment with him wonderful.”  These children are going to go places, and be magnificent contributors to our society. They spent time giving back to their community. The Sundays we all spent at Mass were spent not just worshipping, but we built a family. Going back to Corpus Chrisit Church felt like a family reunion. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of belonging to this beautiful family. It was organic, and not forced.

As my daughter slept on the way back home I thought about all the times we took picnic baskets to the homes of friends that were sick, pregnant, or recovering. All the times parents and I sat on the bench and watched our children play together. Kids that came to our house for playdates. Talking on the phone to other mom’s as I prepared lunches, dinners.

Time does fly by so quickly, and our Priest, Father Leo told me when my daughter was just a baby…”You are not going to believe how quickly this time goes by, so enjoy every experience, and embrace it.” Believe me, I have cherished the time I spent with all my SF Bay area friends. I don’t want to lose contact with them. I think my next trip will have to be a little longer, so it doesn’t seem like I am crying the whole time.