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Christmas Blogging Miracle

No really, it is true! In 2008, I started blogging. I had a different name and many, many followers. I wanted to log our experience of trying to find a farm, winery, bed and breakfast, museum, along with sharing what I knew about our family history. I spent my nights commenting to other bloggers, every night was a competition with myself to see how many other blogs I could read and comment to each night.

The nights got away from me, and I was up until 3 and 4am. Something had to give. We were in escrow for the first place we wanted, and then it fell out of escrow. Our hopes faded a little, but my blog name had to change. I changed the name of the blog, but lost my followers. Oh sure, in hind sight, I could have emailed all my followers and told them my new URL, but I didn’t. So, I started over.

I have gone to blogging conferences, and I have had so much fun attending them. Bloggy Boot Camp is one of my favorites. I didn’t start my blog to get rich, I just wanted to share my journey. I then thought about sharing what I knew about…art, my new adventures in farming,  bee keeping, my new adventures as a winery owner, taking photographs, making Italian food, genealogy, stories of my kids growing up, gathering everyone for Sunday dinners, and life in our new county. I have many subjects of stories to share. Meeting other ladies at the conferences made the whole experience more fulfilling. Many of us started with Google blogging, and then moved to Word Press. We were meeting many of the people that were followers and friends on Twitter, Face Book, Word Press, Goggle, Tumbler, and Pinterest. We have watched others families grow.

Anyways, I blog in my spare time. I am not a professional, this is my outlet   that happens to be public. On Friday, I have “Family Friday”, it’s the day I share knowledge I have gathered about one of my ancestors. Just recently, my cousin found my site, and commented. She was given up for adoption and had been looking for her family. She knew some history, and enough that led her to find my blog posting. She then took it a step further and contacted me through direct message. I answered, and the two of us exchanged information. I promptly got ahold of my other cousin (her sister) to tell her, and she couldn’t wait to call her. The two of them talked and talked. Now, they are talking and exchanging stories It is a miracle, and a terrific Christmas present for all the lives that have been touched.

So, the moral to this story is, you just never know how you are going to touch the lives of others through your writing. My blog may not make me monetarily rich, but rich in spirit! I feel blessed, I have gained a cousin, and my cousins gain a sister! What could be better? Merry Christmas!!

Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

A Few Weeks Later…

A couple of weeks ago, I posted our Christmas tree with the goats. Now the goat have ate, not only our tree, but the neighbors Christmas tree too.

Cleaning out the stall, has been refreshing too, since it smells like Christmas in the stall instead of urine. After they would finish their food, they would munch on the trees. It has lots of vitamin c, 5 times more than oranges. It also has trace minerals in it.

Eaten tree   2nd tree

I have read that feeding conifers to pregnant animals could endanger the fetus, but goats are ok. The biggest danger of aborting a calf is in cattle. So, don’t allow cows eat a Christmas tree.

Many, many years ago…one reason to bring the tree in the house was to provide sustenance for the family. Most conifers are edible, there are many ways to eat the tree too. Some people even use it to make a flour. So, if people were snowed in their huts, they could live off the tree, it wasn’t just about having a reminder that the spring would return it was a beacon of hope. Pine needle tea is very good, and so are pine nuts. I can not attest to the goodness of pine four, I have not had tested it.



I attended a great party last week! My husband and I had so much fun at the home of our great friends. Before the party there were hours spent at the salon.

Spending time at the salon is like passing time with good friends. Talking away for the hours like young girls. It is easy to forget that before leaving there is the  bill for all that beauty! Before going to the salon I drank lots of tea, and had some soothing honey to feel better. I was starting to feel a little under the weather. By the end of all my treatments, there was a second wind.

The party had music, and many of the people were new to us, but there were some that we already knew well. My husband and I would meet up, tag, and then we were off again to meet others, talk, and eat. There was lots of wine, and Italian food, and water.

We left the party just in time, just like Cinderella my time was gone. My nose started to run like a fire hydrant, and then my eyes started to water. It is a good thing my husband was driving because I was blinded by tears. IMG_3098Here I am in my red dress ready for the party. This undo is my favorite.

The day after the party I was not doing so well. I drug myself to take care of business the next day, but the past couple of days have been brutal. This little bit of typing is a bit of a struggle.

My husband and children got our tree, but it look like the ones our ancestors had…bare. Not one ornament on the tree. It smells nice…it is just naked! LOL!

Enjoy your holiday fun. I will try to make the best of it. I am just grateful for being able to sit up this evening, and that I can actually smell the Christmas tree.  Merry Christmas to you all, and if you don’t celebrate the holiday…I hope your spirits are bright and cheery for the season. Be positive and share joy!