642 Things to Write About, Therapy Thursday

The Inner Narrative Of Your Dog

We have two dogs that are very different. The girls are sisters, and are Cani Corsi (Italian Mastiffs). Sadie has always had a frown, but we have always pictured her in her house (crate), with a computer. There she is with her glasses on, typing on her Mac, and her only source of light is her bank light. Sadie blogs about her day, and tells the world what she has done for the day. How interesting her people are, and the strange things they do. Sheba on the other hand goes into her house, and utilizes a blue crayon on her walls. Her personality is much different than Saddie, she is like a puppy as soon as she goes outside.

Sadie looks at things like she in analytic. We often make voices for the dogs, and Sadie always has a more intellectual voice. We pretend that she is doing math in her head, calculating complex mathematical computations while Sheba is trying to add or subtract simple numbers.

We have had our dogs for almost seven years, and Sadie is the only one with gray hair on her muzzle. We believe that she worries about real issues, while Sheba just thinks of having fun. Cani Corsi   Here are the girls eating their bakery snack for Christmas.                                 IMG_7239This is Sheba sniffing the packages to make sure it is ok to open.