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Boo Boo’s and Honey

When we first moved to the country it was a little bit of a transition. I had only visited relatives that lived in the country, and had no experience being a country girl. Ya know, you live and you learn. One of my big lessons was never take both of the Cane Corsi out for a walk on a leash at the same time in moccasins.

It was late at night, the wind was blowing cool air in all the French doors. There was the sound of the crickets, and the chirping of the frogs that seemed to sing to us. The chickens are quiet at night, I am guessing it is a survival instinct.

The girls went to the door, and put their huge paws on the door to indicate they wanted to go outside. Everyone was tired, and no one really wanted to walk the dogs. I thought…I just take both of them at the same time. It started off fine. We were walking down our own county road when all the sudden Saddie barked at something hiding in the shadows. I could not see what it was, but both of them were getting harder to hold. Sadie ran after what ever it was, and I tried to hold on to the leash. The two of them drug me over the rocks for a few seconds. I was lying on the road with my pride injured more than my body. Sheba would not leave my side when she heard me moan in pain. She helped me back up, and I limped to the kitchen.

I cleaned up my legs, one of them was more damaged than the other one. I added honey to a wet wash cloth, and then put ice packs over it. Many years ago I read how the Egyptians used honey as an antibacterial shield. I used this method everyday for the whole week. Since my leg was pretty swollen from the road rash. Here is what my leg looked like after the incident. So, after this, I did not walk the two girls together again. Today, is their 9th birthday! Happy Birthday Sadie and Sheba. I still have no idea what Sadie went after that evening, but she came back safe!