Fountain of Youth, Galleria, Happiness Project, Museum Monday

Sheila Vaughan

I am constantly looking for great artists, I love to support art. It is always my hope that they are able to continue to do what they love doing. This is why I usually buy at least two works of each of the artists I am lucky enough to collect.

One of my favorite subjects is transportation. I love bicycles, it was a large part of my life in college. Sheila This painting is titled “Summer Rain”, and it drew me in with the romantic feel. A female bike rider in an European country. Slight reflections on the pavement. One could almost feel the sprinkles from the wheels, as she rides through the little bit of water. The clouds linger around, but the rain has moved out of the area. She has short sleeves on, so we can guess that it is a warm day. An enjoyable ride through the city is a little escape, and viewing the painting lends the escape to the viewer. If only for a few minutes, one can allow themselves permission to become the rider.

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