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Avila Valley Barn

There are so many sites to visit in San Luis Obispo County. Avila Valley Barn is a destination that the whole family can enjoy. We have visited a few times, and every time we have gone there have been serval families there. The store carries all kinds of items that you would expect to find at a road side stand. Avila Valley Barn goes a step or two furtherer. There are animals; Llama, chickens, horses, cows, and a few cats. IMG_3104



There are many different sweets, like cakes, cookies, and the like. Nuts, berries, and the various concoctions one can make from the nuts and berries. There is even a section that has knick knacks and kitchen items that can be utilized in your own kitchen.

The fragrance that hangs in the air varies with the season. Late autumn smells like apples, the winter smells like pine trees, since they sell Christmas trees, and the spring and summer flowers are in bloom.

If you are looking to visit with out having to touch elbows with other people go during the week, and if it is a holiday or holiday weekend you will have to wait in lines to buy some of them items.


Avila Valley Barn

Last week we were craving some fresh apples. The grocery store apples are just so, how do I say…sucky! I can’t even eat them!

My husband found out about a great place to buy fresh fruit. The drive is lovely going to Avila Valley Barn, and the parking lot was full. There are farm animals from horses, chickens, llama’s, and goats. I am pretty sure there were a couple of milking cows. Hay rides for people to enjoy, and Santa and Mrs. Claus were there too.

My husband had to buy a couple of pies, and we purchased fresh fruit. We will be retuning soon to Avila Valley Barn. Here is a photo I took of the windmill.

IMG_3142 If you would love to learn more about Avila Valley Barn, click on the name.