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Hidden Hills

When we were in our “dream building” phase, one of the things we wanted was an olive grove, and we finally found it. Hidden Hills gave us everything we wanted in an olive grove, we have olives, and a vacation rental. The olive trees are now being taken care of, and lovingly be watched, pruned, watered, and then in November…they will be harvested.


The property has a wonderful history too. The place was built as a bed and breakfast. There was a keeper of the house that grew a garden, and the beds are still on the property. There is a gentleman’s orchard with apple, pear, plum, and nectarine trees. There is a green house, and it was once was filled with the fragrance of basil, vanilla, and flowers. The attendant of the house used to put fresh flowers in each of the rooms, and the cottage. There is a chicken run with hen houses. The attendant would gather eggs from the hens each day.  He made fresh dishes that were made from the food that was gathered from “Hidden Hills“. These are all aspects I love.

The goals for the place…get the olives in great shape for the fall so we can go back to having “Hidden Hills” as a label. We will then be able to sell the olive oil in the tasting room. Fix the barn, and have an intern trade housing for maintaining the gardens, greenhouse, and chickens. Gathering the fresh items to give to each of the vacation rentals. Each of the baskets would include olive oil, wine, fresh herbs, chamomile, lavender, homemade soap, homemade lotion, honey, eggs, and bouquet of flowers. Maybe even a postcard of the property.

There is also a pool, spa, and outdoor kitchen at the property. If you would like to stay at the property, make sure you go to Paso Robles Vacation Rental.

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Goat Photo Bombs

With all this crazy, wonderful rain, we have to move the goats to the stalls. This is also the time of the year when most of the females are looking VERY pregnant. They love hearing me walk near the stalls in the morning, because that means one thing…FOOD!

Nothing ever goes to waste around here. After we have had the apples for a weekend, we take them back to the farm. The miniature donkeys and the goats enjoy the apple treat. I usually have to hold on to the apple to get them to get the apple started. After a few bites, they are good to go on those apples.

Anything that is not good to give to the goats, or miniature donkeys goes to the worm farm or the compost pile. We are trying to make our vineyard as sustainable as possible, as well as our farm.

Without further delay, here are photos of the crazy goats…

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Healthy Brain, Happy Life 2

Every year for the past several years I have wanted to get my life more organized, more together. One area where I have failed over and over is getting into the habit of working out again. I could tell you that one thing or another comes up, which would be true, but…it’s also a lame excuse. UGH! I want to be motivated to get into shape, and live a happy, healthy life. This is one of the reasons that I purchased the book “Healthy Brain, Happy Life”.

What I have taken away from the next couple of chapters…

Memories that have emotion, are more memorable than others. I love the experiment of learning lists of words, and connecting them through humor. Making a memory of the string of words that are a little nonsensical, but fun. Chester Santos gives a great demonstration of the experiment, and how you can do it too.

We tend to remember what we pay attention to.

Linking and associating something new to something old helps us recall the information better

Emotional memory was really a survival instinct that has been with us since our early days. It helped us with good responses, and dangerous ones. Laughing, crying, screaming, fearful emotions are the ones we remember.

Exercise improves memory and your overall health. When we chant positive affirmations while we exercise it makes us more powerful, and makes the serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine increase in the bloodstream. The more we exercise, the more we make the connection of these properties being GOOD. Adding the affirmations makes your exercise more intentional. These boost your mood more than exercise alone!

What kind of affirmations will you use? I just added “Just Dance” to my Apple TV…


Collections and Obsessions, Museum Monday

Linda Apple

Art, is a passion of mine. Visiting museums is something I love doing for hours, and watching the people decipher, admire, and speculate about the art at museums can be just as fascinating. 

When I saw the series Linda was working on, I had to have some. The first one here, was one that was commissioned. I wanted her to create a woman reading in a museum with a Tiffany bag. I was excited by what she had created for my collection.

How many times have we been to museums, and the security guard is slipping into the fabric of the museum? This security guard is among the masterpieces. 


This another commissioned piece. A man with light brown hair, carrying a Mac bag. He went shopping at Apple before heading to the museum. Another one that pleased me. 

The last one, portraying cultures clashing was another that intrigued me immediately. Seeing a culture other than your own in a painting…is permission to stare, and permission to try to understand their history. If you are interested in owning some works of art by Linda click on her name.