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New Jobs

Throughout the years I have been though many jobs. Most of which, I really enjoyed. Being a lifeguard, camp counselor, teaching, curatorial, and property management. I really never dreamed of taking a liking to managing property. I found aspects of it that were the most enjoyable. I love the renovation, meeting new people and having happy tenants. I have lived in an apartment, and remember how much I loathed the plastic countertops, plastic floor, and fluffy carpet. When I am finished renovating an apartment it is something I would live in too.

Farming is something that I do now, and never dreamed of having it as a career, but here I am with several animals, an orchard, and bees. I really enjoy it! It is a thrill to help the baby animals come into the world, collect the fruit, take care of the bees. It feels great to help nurture the area where we live.

Now, we have purchased a winery. I am a novice, but we have retained the staff. We feel as though they are already a part of their family. It is a good feeling, and now, we begin a new chapter of our lives. SMC

Saturday Special

Spring Has Sprung

Just finished organizing my office, and cleaning it. The smell of the wisteria is wafting into the office. Better than the smell of the ducks. YUCK!

It is a beautiful day on the farm. It has been a crazy last few weeks. We have got 4 apartments done in 15 days. This is the first day I have had to relax.

Tomorrow we will be adding another animal to the mix, a lamb. He is pretty big, and we got to get him looking great for the fair. Gotta get back to work. Cleaning the farm is a big job.




Lately, I have been pretty busy with renovating apartments. We purchased some apartment buildings when we moved to here. I manage all the properties, and my favorite part is doing the renovations.

Here are some before and after shots…


Kitchen   Before



Utilizing, a more modern color palate, and updating the appliances make a big difference. We want our tenants to be happy where they are, and have modern amenities. Once the apartment is ready, I list it, and wait for the right tenant that will fit into the complex. All the other tenants want a neighbor that is considerate of others, so I factor that into the equation too.





One of the many things I do with my time is renovate apartments. We own some property, and it is my job to manage the property. Some parts of my job I hate, and there are other aspects of it I enjoy. I like the renovation, and meeting the new tenants.

Here are some photos of my most recent renovation.

IMG_0004This is the kitchen. Everything is new in the kitchen, and I added granite countertops and lights. I like the process of making something new and fresh. I still need to add some flowers, and I will also keep a folder of applications, as well as a clip board for the potential applicants to utilize.

I have been a tenant in the past so I can empathize with tenants. I like meeting each person, and I have usually had great experience with finding new tenants. I have been doing this for 20 years so I go with my gut on which applicant to accept. I am pretty proud of this unit, so I am looking forward to meeting the right tenant for the unit.