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Winery News

Well, I am coming up on my second payroll. I can’t believe it will be a month in just a few days. I did one restaurant to buy our wine, but I have a list of other places that I have taken wine, now I am following up on those places. Really, the wine is fabulous, so it is just a matter of them trying it, and buying it.

I’ve also been busy working on advertising. My first advertisements went out just Sunday. We are also going to be in a vacation booklet, and we joined the Chamber of Commerce for Paso Robles. It was exciting to work with the advertisers to place our ad into the bulletin where we attended church. We are going to be on a “landing page” for the vacation booklet, and we will be attending events at the Chamber of Commerce.

We have already been active in philanthropy as well. We have given to the Mission Prep Boosters Club,   Piedmont Boosters Club, and Boy’s and Girl’s Towns of Italy. I have a meeting this week with Must Charities. We want to be able to help, and do what we can for charities that make a difference.

I believe by the end of next week, we will be able to open our bed and breakfast. My niece Shelby Gray, has been working on the logo for Reale Leone. IMG_3890 Just in time for Harvest Weekend…Well, I gotta go to work.