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Gift Shop

IMG_7947The week I got back from South Carolina I was really busy. We had so many items arrive for the gift shop, prom weekend, and snickdoddle was leaving the farm. Plus, I am finishing a couple of renovation projects. So, not much time left in the day to write.

Here are some of the cool items we now carry at the gift shop of the winery. I was even testing how everything would fit into a basket. Alle-Pia salami, if you haven’t had this salami, it’s out of this world delicious. It also has not nitrates. I have probably met the pigs that became this salami.

The bread sticks are the ones that we offer in the tasting room for people that are tasting wine. They have a savory rosemary essence that just marries the wine so well. I added a Swell bottle since having water is always helpful.


Our beautiful baskets we offer…


The one on the far left, is hand painted, the platinum and rose gold are part of the metallic collection, purple is in the middle, blue marble in the front with the kelly green.


Some of our newest coasters…


Olive utensils, aprons and magnets too.


Fountain of Youth, Happiness Project, Workout Wednesday

21 Days…Not Yet

UGH! I promised myself I would leave the ugly bracelet on until I made it to 21 days, and I still haven’t made it 21 days in a row. I have to tell you…I feel like a loser! Damn it! I have tried to put exercise first, I just haven’t made it for the 21 days. This is my third time starting over. I refuse to cheat, and tell myself…it is ok, I can keep going. I mean really, the point is to do it 21 days in a row to make it a habit. This is why I can’t just trick myself into allow a gap.

I do have to say…I do start over, and I haven’t ripped this ugly ass bracelet off my wrist. I want to do this. I want to live a healthier life, and feel good about working out everyday.

I can do this! I can make it a habit to be healthy! Right?

Fountain of Youth, Workout Wednesday

Make it a Habit

Yep, I have been back on track, and I even helped with the fence this weekend. What have I learned on the journey? Not to be so hard on myself. Having a routine is great, yet being a property owner can have unpredictable moments. There are times that things have to be done when it is a scheduled workout, now I have learned to prioritze how important events are that need to be handled. Not everything is “must do now”. I have been living me life as though all “work” aspects are more important than my workout or health. I have also learned that I am a financial eater. When I start to stress about money or money matters I go for something salty or something chocolate.

Now, I have started drinking a glass of water instead of having that salty snack or that piece of chocolate that seems to be calling my name. Sometimes, it is really just thirst that is calling my name, and not the chocolate. I don’t care what anyone says the chocolate does taste good. It is hard to give up, and at this point I am not at the point where I no longer desire chocolate.

Hopefully, the next time I write about working out…I can tell you that I have broken my record. I do want cut this little rubber bracelet off my arm. It is so NOT me!!

How is it going for you?

Fountain of Youth, Happiness Project, Workout Wednesday

Healthy Choices

Well, I made it 12 days, and now I have to start all over again. I have wrestled with continuing or starting over, but I want to do it right, so I have made up my mind to start over again. I want to make it for the entire 21 days. This is something that I just want to do for myself so there is no reason to try to cheat myself. So, as much as I hate it that I have failed, and must start again…I know I am doing it for a great reason.

I am going to make it this time! Right?

Fountain of Youth, Happiness Project, Workout Wednesday

Make it A Habit

Ten Days of working out, and watching what I eat. I have been good for ten days straight. The hardest part sometimes is just getting started in the morning, and convincing myself that it will be worth it. Many years ago I read that it takes 14 days for an action to become a habit, apparently, the research now suggest that it takes 21 days for an activity to become a habit.

One of the exercises this week was to ask one of your mentors about motivation. I really look up to one of the trainers at the gym. Melinda has a great body, and she is always upbeat. She even has four children! I told her it was hard to get to the gym that day, and she told me “Somedays, I have the same feeling.” It was comforting to know, that even someone like her has issues with getting going sometimes. It really made my day.

Fountain of Youth, Happiness Project, Workout Wednesday

Make it a Habit

Ten days, and counting. I made it ten out of 21 days. Everyday, I have to do something, and eat well. I have to write the food items down in a book. I have been really good. I haven’t rewarded myself with cookies. (Yep, I have done it before.) So, I have allowed myself an apple or some pine nuts instead of chips or cookies. I gotta be honest, cookies are good to me. Although, I have to say that an apple is a nice replacement. 

Working out…I have been doing MWF, as aquatic days, and Tuesday and Thursday are dry days. I get on the elliptical for 30 minutes, and then hit the weights. On Saturday and Sunday, I am working on the farm. I take an extra walk with the dogs, and they enjoy it. 

I am determined to make it though my 21 days. I want my good health to be one of my good habits. Any extra advice or tips are appreciated! 

Happiness Project, Workout Wednesday

Yep, 3rd Time is a Charm

This is turning out to be like a prison bracelet, well, not really. I still haven’t made it 21 days of working out to make it a habit. Every time, I have allowed my business to come first. So, now what? How do I put me first? How do I make my tenants wait for at least a half an hour? I just have to start over, I don’t see another way to get it done. Is it more beneficial to workout at home or go to the gym? I am getting pretty tired of wearing my bracelet. UGH! Make it a habit